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Camel Burps and Poop Create Less Methane than Cows' or Sheep'

Methane gas generated by grazing animals, and the problems associated with it are well documented. But a new study into how much methane is produced by camels reveals that the humped mammals don t create as much methane as ruminant animals such as cows and sheep. 11 more words

Run Your Race

I had this burning urge to sing ‘kumbaya’ with hipsters around a bonfire after watching this seven minute music manifesto. Then that urge lost its heat after I started contemplating on whether I should add “hug trees” to my list of ’50 Things to do before I Grey’.


Month old

You turned a month old today.

It’s achingly difficult not to have you here with us.

I can’t begin to imagine how many diapers and burps and feedings we’ve already missed. 61 more words