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Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl

As college students we tend to eat at many fast food restaurants and Chipotle is many of our top choices. Why? Because Chipotle gives us fast food convince, price and is somewhat healthier for you than other Fast Food chains. 274 more words


Overheard at Kenyon: Family Weekend Edition

Parent trying to one-up their kid: “At Dartmouth we had four dining facilities…”

JT-Loving Mom: “Timberlake… do people ever ask if this house is named after… 131 more words


Aji Burrito Bowls

Have you ever been to a Peruvian restaurant? If you have, then you’ve likely encountered an enchantingly spicy green sauce made from cilantro and jalapeños, often called aji sauce, and let me tell you – it’s downright addictive. 472 more words


Sriracha Lime Chicken Burrito Bowl

Anything with the word burrito in it is gonna make me turn my head especially when I know that it’s good for me!  Yes a burrito that is good for you!   316 more words


Mexi-Can I?

What is it that makes Mexican food so addicting, or rather, what is it that makes Chipotle so addicting??? Easy- control of what goes into your meal, variety of choices, speed and convenience, and not to mention the amazing food that you get when you go there.  460 more words

Homemade Food

The Burrito Bowl

With the price of food on the rise I hate to waste food, and if I can make another meal from the previous nights leftovers even better! 405 more words


What I Ate Wednesday, 9/10/14

Hey guys! I’m going to try my best to be entertaining in this post, but my head is hurting and I’m a grumpy/sleepy pants, so bear with me. 463 more words