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Random thursday and some humor.

This post is about to be completely random.

First of all, I was walking out from teaching a class yesterday and saw this sign.

Reason number 10908034 why I love my gym. 378 more words

Day 3 of Intermittent Fasting

If there had to be a rough patch day, today definitely was! Due to my excitement, anxiety, over-caffeination and adjustments to IF, my sleep was not too great. 586 more words


Burrito bowl

O. and I stopped at the Chipotle after a full day of picking up race shirts and buying race watches and running around the playground. We were hungry. 33 more words


What's for Dinner? Meatless Monday BBQ Veg Burrito Bowl, Rosemary Chicken & Sweet Potatoes, and Dijon Salmon

This week I was sick.  I managed to make three meals and then spent the rest of the week sucking down hot tea with honey and lemon and inhaling essential oils.   1,064 more words


Homemade Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl

I’m definitely a Chipotle fan versus Q’Doba (although Q’Doba has some bangin’ chicken nachos).  We have a weekly Taco Tuesday and Jonathan invites all his little work buddies over for a night of Mexican food, craft beer, and board games.   644 more words


Homemade Chipotle Burrito Bowl

Ah, Chipotle. The one restaurant that I can go to once or twice a week and never get sick of. Why? I think it’s a combination of things: 323 more words


Healthier Burrito Bowl Recipe (Chipotle Inspired)

So you know how I love food? Well, I especially love Mexican food. Maybe I should say American-Mexican food because it’s not like I’m eating authentic Mexican food. 504 more words

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