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The Midnight Man (1974)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 4 out of 10

4-Word Review: Security guard solves case.

Jim Slade is a 60-year-old out on parole after serving time for killing his wife’s lover. 498 more words


Day 20 of Noirvember: Homme Noir Discoveries, or "How I Got My Big Break"

Today’s celebration of Noirvember takes a look at the paths that three of my favorite noir actors took to reach the land of noir.

After working in such varied posts as engineer for a meatpacking firm and floor walker in the lingerie department at Chicago’s Marshall Field’s department store, Burt Lancaster ( 403 more words

Film Noir

Film Review: Brute Force (1947)

The 1947 prison drama Brute Force has a title that possesses a wide-range of applications. It forms the crux of the film’s thematic focus of the prison edifice, which despotic head guard Captain Munsey (Hume Cronyn) views as an arena where might definitely makes right. 765 more words

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Le Train

This is going to be a rather sentimental essay, and I hope that you wil forgive me for that, but some things spark memories of this long stored away in the lumber room part of your mind, and so it was today. 321 more words

Climate Change

“Deborah Kerr was always the perfect lady, as cool, as genteel, as a cucumber sandwhich. In film after film she played well-behaved English women, her behaviour as decorous as her dress. 82 more words


Day 13 of Noirvember: Cop-Out on Noir Street

No – it’s not the name of a rare noir that you somehow overlooked. It’s that rare phenomenon – a film noir with an unsatisfying – dare we say, “cop-out” – ending. 876 more words

Film Noir

Road map to storytelling.

By George J. Kingsnorth.

The long trip home starts at 6am Saturday morning, the bags and boxes packed in the boot the night before. A journey along the A14 via Kettering, pass all the roads works to avoid the tail backs at the M1/M6 junction just above Northampton, then on up to Birmingham as far as the M54 off to Shrewsbury to join the A5 through the Welsh mountains and on up to Holyhead for a three and a half hour ferry crossing the Irish Sea to Dublin. 885 more words