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[1970] Airport

Not Airplane!

Though released only a decade apart, Airplane! and Airport can’t have had themes and motives further from each other. The former, having been released at the onset of the goofy 1980s (think leg warmers and neon) is a comedy of the lightest proportions. 626 more words

First Take

My Katharine Hepburn's Top 5

Sometimes, when I look at her, it seems to me that she lived in her own world, with her own rules. She did not care at all about her image. 364 more words


My Favorite Baseball Movie is.....

Since baseball is heading towards its postseason, I’ve decided to talk about my favorite baseball movie of all time. “Major League” (1989)…I’m kidding, but that is a fun one. 224 more words


“Losing my moral, professionally has done me a lot of good. I had slipped into a comfortable rut. I suppose I should have got out of it sooner.” (Deborah Kerr)


Directed By Robert Aldrich : Part 2

I’ll come back and take this grenade and shove it down your throat and pull the pin!

Oh, Blanche? You know we’ve got rats in the cellar? 48 more words

Daily Take

Brute Force (1947)

If there’s ever a film that lives up to it’s title it’s Brute Force. This is the second Jules Dassin movie I’ve watched this year (Rififi was the first) and I realised I got this guy backwards. 291 more words

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