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A few About.com Album Reviews & Mumblings

So I’ve started doing the occasional reviews for Heavymetal.About.com. Thus far, I’ve reviewed Plebeian Grandstand’s ‘Lowgazers’, Dire Wolves’ ‘Aegri Somnia’, (both here) and a longer review of Cormorant’s latest, ‘Earth Diver’ ( 494 more words


Amongst the Ruins (near Margerides)


A little expedition to a Gallo-Roman ruin near Margerides in Gaul.


House of Metal

…or metal-lite, depending on how you look at it.

It looks like after my first properly metal show, I’ll be going to another, with these guys: 55 more words

Society views Heavy Metal as a symbol

Interesting piece by Brett Stevens on Death Metal Underground

If you’ve suffered through even a few years of big media, you’re probably aware how it functions through symbols. 577 more words

Neige et Noirceur - Gouffre Onirique et Abîmes Cosmiques

I’ve said this quite a bit lately, but it often amazes me the absolute vastness of the metalsphere. I have been a pretty avid follower/collector/worshipper since the early 80′s and for a “band” to sneak in to our digital promo folder that impresses, only to find out they have a catalog of music that looks like a family of 6′s grocery list, it makes me feel like I have indeed fell out of step with the happenings in our beloved genre. 439 more words