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Guidelines for Children

Information taken from DTP site to spread awareness.

The advice given below on crossing the road is especially for children. Children should be taught and should not be allowed on the road alone until they can understand and follow it properly. 979 more words

Road Safety

Travelling the old days

During my recent travel to hilly area…i noticed this bus leading up the hills after dropping some passenger at the previous stop. The extra fuel it burned up for more energy, the smell of diesel it left filled in the breaths all around. 61 more words


Y2D199 and from up high

Today was spent touring Vancouver in a mini sight-seeing bus. We had a small group so managed to spend a little longer at all the stops. 43 more words


What really happened today - or, why teachers don't get paid enough

*Edit: This was written on April 10, one week ago. Saved as draft and didn’t get to finalize/post until now.*

Today was UIL band contest day. 1,178 more words



Bus adalah kendaraan besar beroda, digunakan untuk membawa penumpang dalam jumlah banyak. Istilah bus ini berasal dari bahasa Latin, omnibus, yang berarti “(kendaraan yang berhenti) di semua (perhentian)”.


The bike!!

She’s mine :D

Today I learnt how bad public transport is around Florida! If you don’t have a car here … be ready to pay for a cab/bus service! 218 more words