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Happy hitching

I’ve always been too scared to hitchhike by myself, for obvious reasons, but in the company of Mathieu all seems possible. We’ve hitchhiked now a couple of times since arriving in Mexico, but none of the people we hitched a ride with have been as friendly as the band of three Mexicans who gave us a lift in Chihuahua following our visit to the caves. 70 more words


We have a winner!

Last month, I paid $34 to enter 6 of my photos into a local contest which would print selected winners’ work at one of the bus shelters in the county. 51 more words


Om att få leva nära andra

I förra veckan tog jag en helt vanlig promenad ner till Vatikanen. Fram tills jag upptäckte mig själv vara förföljda av tre galna snubbar bärandes på ett tre meter långt kors som ropade “Du måste sluta fly från Korset!” och “Jesus säger att alla måste bära sitt Kors!” Sedan försökte jag faktiskt hjälpa dem bära, men då ville de inte låta mig göra det. 404 more words

Livet I Rom


Yellow, Yellow

Mouldy Fellow

Kids With Cans That Shout And Bellow

Wifi Working

Drive By Lurking

Stopping, Starting, Speed Bump Jerking

Two Seat Thieving

Suitcase Heaving… 46 more words