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Trying out buses...and Reindeer sleigh-rides

As Yorkshire cities go, Leeds is Large. I mean, it’s not London-size large, but it has its fair share of mock skyscrapers which a lot of large firms operate out of. 536 more words

Dysfunctional public transport

Would I make Aldershot Station in time to catch the train to Alton? Luckily yes, three buses in a convoy.

I make the station with five minutes to spare. 687 more words


Return to Hell

Well, I made my trip to Curacao and back.

I’m glad to report I managed to return safe and sound with too many extra bullet holes in my body and that no one tried to mug me during all the land mileage I accrued while traveling by bus all accross my crappy home country (well, the albino Latvian pickpoket I met on my way to the airport tried, but he barely counts). 304 more words

The War on Christmas...Rusty Version

Ok, let me start by saying this is directed at no one. I’m not attacking religion, politics, or people. I just wanted to say something about my favorite holiday, Christmas. 1,030 more words


“The World is a book” said St. Augustine once upon a time, “and those who do not travel read only a page.”

So this is my very own chapter, for one of the World’s most famous and most popular metropolis, London. 129 more words

Buses in London

Buses in London are on another planet regarding the way you act on them. ONE of the biggest differentiation to a driver on a London bus and back in Oxford is that London drivers 1. 123 more words


GIVING BUS SERVICE CONTROL back to city and county regions

Labour is launching a new campaign– called ‘Passenger Power’ – about putting communities and passengers in control of local bus services. Labour will hand powers back to local communities in Greater Manchester to save crucial bus routes. 513 more words