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Buses Can Tell The Time, And It's Terrifying

(I was going to write about the importance of gender identity today, but I am tired. So here’s some words about bus-based chronology instead!)

Buses in London, as well as being large, red and used by the entire population of the city at all times, have little rectangular screens in them on each deck, that tell you the name of the next stop, and whether the bus is stopping there or not; but now they tell the time. 594 more words

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Outcomes from Sustained Mobility

As Earth Week enters day 3 with plenty of more fun events to come (plus Meigan’s, Deidre’s, and Meredyth’s birthdays…), next Tuesday features the 3rd Annual GIFT Project Showcase during the Earth Week Expo from 12 – 1 in the Newcomb Lounge (between the Ballroom and Kaleidoscope). 646 more words


New operator for Taunton Park & Ride

A new operator has been appointed to run the Park & Ride service in Taunton.

The service is run from two sites at Gateway and Silk Mills and runs peak and off-peak buses into the town centre. 201 more words

Press Releases

Trouble in Paradise

Well last night I had the pleasure of attending yet another Warsash Residents’ Association (WRA) meeting, this time however I brought along a friend of mine from the Western Wards People’s Voice and resident. 436 more words


Notes on first meeting of Transport Group 16th April 2014

Present: Kate, Barry, Sue, Paul, Jon

Thanks to Sue for hosting the first meeting. Paul wondered what air quality is like in the town and how traffic affects it. 573 more words

Meeting Report

How shameful is this?

Remember I told you about my grandad, the one who went to New York and fell off the Mauretania? Now I want to tell you what happened to him when he joined the army in 1914. 773 more words

Creative Writing

Every time I have a therapy appointment – this is the journey I have to take. I hate buses, I get travel sickness and with traffic, it usually takes about 1 hour to get there. 86 more words