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Adelaide St

Adelaide St Brisbane city featuring Bus and also some road.

help me remember

dear god,
help me remember what i have witnessed today. help me remember, what i have felt today. so that i can remember to always be compassionate, patient and kind. 799 more words

Just A Little Blah Blah Blah

New Cross Station in London, UK

London, UK, images, streets, places, maps, directions, buildings, stations, trains, tubes, buses, New Cross Station 6 more words


The heyday of the classic bus by Gavin Booth

One of Ian Allan’s landscape-format ‘Heyday’ series, this book consists of – well, pictures of buses. Not much there for the non-anorak, then, you’d think. Well, think again. 134 more words

Signs: "Buses only" in London, UK

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Clifford ... Look Out!

Man I am sorry Clifford.

The other day I was over at this Sports Bar, you know, the kind of place where they have these girls dressed up like … Well, I met this bunch of guys and they were wanting to know if there were any good airports in the area.   224 more words


51 bus service timetables adjusted to improve reliability

Adjustments to the midweek 51 bus service timetable came into operation today.

The revised timetables are part of operator First’s latest efforts to improve the reliability of the service. 31 more words