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Margaret and Makaton

I said it at the time, and I’m happy to repeat it decades on: I don’t think Margaret had a learning disability.  But she came to the Day Centre, because she didn’t talk.   1,632 more words

Train from Vienna to Venice

Half an hour into the journey we are being told that at the next station we need to get off and catch a bus for one hour then catch a train again. 1,012 more words

On Buses (Literally) and Bravery

I’ve reached the conclusion that I make my best observations while travelling on local public transport (i.e. the bus). I could pretty much open every post I write with  “I was on the bus the other day and …” This one is no exception. 902 more words

“Taxis” Of South Africa

If some day you happen to be in South Africa and decided to try their public transport that is equivalent (by equivalent here I mean in terms of fare and frequency only) to buses in most parts of the world, then you would have to go local and take their version of buses, better known as taxis to them. 1,031 more words

South Africa


देखो, िकतनी चौडी लग रही है
गांव से शहर जाती यह सडक
याद िदलाती है टीवी पर कार्यक्रम
देश के िवकास की एक झलक
िक वाह
अब तो सपने सच होंगे
अाएगी मुस्कराहट अांखों में चमक
शहर, चका-चौंध मेले की
गांव, बैलमुती धरती की महक
सैणा ने नई बीडी सुलगाते हुए सोचा
धूणी के चहरे पर दूसरी ही कहानी थी
भरी बसों में ना जाने ऊल्टी क्यों अाती है
ये बसें जो रोज़ शहर में नए प्रवासी लाती है

We are alive!

It has been quiet around here for a few days now and I suppose you could blame a mix of studies, activities and plain laziness for that. 174 more words

Safe Transportation for Children

In the last little while, the news channels have inundated the airwaves with coverage of missing airliner fights, bus crashes, and ferry boat tragedies. All involving many injuries and deaths. 162 more words

Thoughts About Life