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Candle Bush

Latin Name: Senna Alata

Indonesian Name: Ketepeng Cina

Also known as: Candelabra Bush, Empress Candle Plant, Ringworm Tree, Candle Tree

Note: The shrub can stand up to 3-4 m tall. 42 more words



Up to her shoulders in the muddy water of the dam, Claire shields her face from the falling ash; all that remains of her bushland home. 179 more words


Bush - Man on the run album lyrics

1. “Just like my other sins”
2. “Man on the run”
3. “The only way out”
4. “The gift”
5. “This house is on fire” 35 more words


UPDATED (with Part 10): There was no 1918 Spanish flu - 50-100 million people were exterminated by vaccines and aspirin

Take your time with this information, because it is tough going. . . but please don’t back off from reading it! For her entire life, my mother, born in 1910, told stories of the flue of 1918, about the body bags that were piled up in the streets of the city where I grew up, about how she was the only one in her family who did not get sick, and she attributed this to eating an apple a day, as she nursed everyone in her family through it. 28,393 more words


How Rand Paul's foreign policy speech proves he's the tea party's last hope

Miss the tea party? The rallies? The protests?

The message?

When the movement began, the tea party was dedicated to one thing—stopping spending.

Or, this lady. 599 more words

Rand Paul

Ironic to hear Blair/Bush preach the fight against Islamist extremism when their actions gave rise to it

By Toppling Saddam, Qaddafi, West Injected ‘Sectarian Poison’ (Le Quotidien d’Oran, Algeria)

“This chaotic and grotesque tyrannicide was above all the beginning of the sectarian poison that, as it spread, resulted in the systematic and deliberate destruction of states. 694 more words

War On Syria