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Every thing has to start some where!

I am not sure when but sometime in the near past I decided to build a canoe.  The idea of spending a few days paddling on the water observing the wildlife in  peace and tranquility appealed to me.   336 more words


Bushcraft Overnight Adventure

Here’s a cool Bushcraft video for all you Bushcraft fans. Don’t know what Bushcraft is? Watch and see…


More Tiny Hatchets

I’m still trying to find a perfect tiny hatchet.  here are some measurements of some that I’ve tried:

Condor:  15.5 oz    11.5 inches   (after grinding to reprofile) 115 more words


My Condor Nessmuk Blade

Bought for under $40 including shipping a few years ago and for a low budget knife it is a great investment. The leather sheath alone that it comes with is worth half the cost of the knife. 32 more words


Frost River Arrowhead Trail Bag

To my dismay it developed a hole on the left and right bottom edges rather quickly. I wore nothing other than shirts and pants so have no idea what it was rubbing on. 48 more words


Carlbrook Students Learn Survival Skills and Enjoy Fellowship

There are dozens of compelling reasons to master basic woods survival skills. The end of the world need not be imminent in order for knowing how to survive in the wilderness to prove useful and important. 264 more words

Experiential Education

Winter Crafts

The following post was written by Woodlore Senior Assistant, Ross Burt:

It’s that time of year when work goes quiet. Does that mean that it’s time to rest? 223 more words

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