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Merry Kuksa er Christmas

My last project before Christmas was one of wood instead of metal as my metal lathe is down with a fried control box. I finished up a spoon for a stocking stuffer… I thought about a kuksa, a type of traditional Finnish drinking cup used by the Saami of that country. 353 more words

My winter bushcraft clothing from head to toe.

In this article I will walk you trough my bushcraft winter wardrobe. My clothing is my first line of defence in what nature can throw at me. 893 more words


Collateral Damage: How the Willow War Kills the Bushcraft Culture.

As a collaborative exercise in open Landcare discussion, Flood Creek Non-Nativist Landcare is keen to accept guest posts from contributors. See our collaborate—contribute page for suggested topic areas. 920 more words


What Would You lIke To See More Of On OTS Blog?

What Do Our Reader Want?

What kind of articles are you looking for? We’re checking with our Followers on WordPress, Google + and Twitter to see what kind of preparedness articles you would REALLY like to read about. 91 more words


Boar Jaw

Out walking in the bizarrely balmy December weather today, we came across the left mandible of a a Wild Boar. Judging by tusk length, I’d say it was between one and two years old. 216 more words

A Quick and Inexpensive "Survival" Kit

The term “5 c’s” is a reference coined by wilderness skills instructor  Dave Canterbury which includes the items that he considers the very basic necessities for a survival kit. 677 more words