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Winter Crafts

The following post was written by Woodlore Senior Assistant, Ross Burt:

It’s that time of year when work goes quiet. Does that mean that it’s time to rest? 223 more words

Field Staff Posts

Kofola wild boar - my favourite Christmas advert

In Slovakia, the Christmas season wouldn’t be the same without this advert. The product is Kofola, an old Slovak fizzy soft drink somewhere between Coca Cola and Dandelion and Burdock which has made a big come-back (it’s also what i prefer to drink). 17 more words

Dogs on adventure in the spirit of bushcraft.

For me, bushcraft or going outdoor in general would not be the same without my dogs. Doing an overnighter with a dog is different then doing a day hike.  1,320 more words


One-eyed Wild Cat

This mean old Wild Cat (Felis silvestris silvestris) was stalking through the field behind my house. It’s obviously been through some battles as its lack of right eye shows. 60 more words

To wool or not to wool

Wool is another perfect example how nature can provide us with high end material for witch modern technology still can not provide an equivalent.

This natural material is extremely well insulating even when it’s wet it holds better then modern fabrics. 828 more words


My 1st Custom Knife

I’ve had a love for knives and tools from a very early age. I remember finding and playing with my dad’s khukuri knife he kept in our shed. 798 more words


Entering a contest. Making some videos. Also, bunnies.

I hope you weren’t expecting videos just yet, though. These things take time!

I will be entering a contest being held by one of my favorite bushcrafting channels: Bushcraft Bartons. 533 more words