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Meeting the San Bushmen of Namibia

Crossing over the border to Namibia the next activity was going to meet the San Bushmen. A group of people living in the desert who showed us their traditional ways of life. 150 more words


Ideas that add up #117

My name is Roy Sesana; I am a Gana Bushman from the Kalahari, in what is now called Botswana. In my language, my name is ‘Tobee’ and our land is ‘Tamm’. 303 more words

Good Life

Ideas that add up #116

The pace wasn’t too fierce; the Bushmen average about ten minutes a mile, but many of those miles are in soft sand and brush, and they occasionally stop to study tracks. 647 more words

Body Science

South Africans, be proud of the San!

“Whilst the Mayans were building temples, Egyptians constructing pyramids, and Babylonians designing ziggurats, why were our guys still rubbing two sticks together?”

Although this may seem like a perfectly decent question, the woman who asked me this at a charity dinner last week after discovering I work in the archaeology department, is greatly underestimating southern Africa’s indigenous population. 974 more words


Accidental Coincidences?

When Laurens van der Post was hard at work attempting to put together ‘The Heart of the Hunter’ and seemingly suffering from writer’s block, he received a letter from an unknown lady in New York. 310 more words

Van Der Post


The praying mantis crawls over your arm

the starfish murders it’s leg,

and sometimes, nothing good comes out of pain.

You rode my body thin and left me dying on the tarmac… 91 more words


Jeepers Creepers, where'd ya get those eyes?

I always find myself invariably distracted by random human interest articles,  attracted to artistic reviews rather than practical current affairs in my online news wanderings.  My latest distraction was an article in the NY Times about a photographer who took  555 more words

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