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5 Questions Managers Should Ask All Employees

Is it a struggle to motivate your employees? Do you feel like your employees don’t really know what is expected of them? The solution may be simple – ask good questions. 444 more words

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Why Your Business Should Use Social Media

We’re Fiducia Marketing, a marketing and sales firm based in Troy, Mi.

Social media is everywhere. It is used to share wedding photos, announce big news, advertise new products, interact with fans and customers, and more. 360 more words

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Planning to succeed is better than not planning to fail

If there is one thing that is common with successful businesses it is a business plan. Even if that plan is a simple, one page, bulletpoint form list of the key action points, it will be better than just blind determination not to fail. 74 more words

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Top observe or to speak up

For those that have sat in many meetings it can be quite tedious, usually time wasting if the meeting is being chaired by someone with bad planning who believes in an open forum. 328 more words

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How to Turn Things Around

When something doesn’t work out the way you want it to, it can be a rough time. We can’t win them all, and sometimes we have to face this fact. 336 more words

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Things to Never Say to a Client

Here at Fiducia Marketing, we know it is always good to be cautious of what is said and done in front of clients. The best businesses are able to obtain and keep clients. 360 more words

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