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Marty Whitman on "What Is Risk?"

“In value investing, the word risk is always modified by an adjective. There is no general risk.” —Marty Whitman

Thinking about and analyzing the different kinds of risks present in a specific business makes up an important part when it comes to business analysis. 1,332 more words

Business Analysis

Checklist: The Nuts & Bolts of Great Business Plans

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” —Benjamin Franklin

The Nuts & Bolts of Great Business Plans

I found a paper entitled The Nuts & Bolts of Great Business Plans… 2,374 more words

Business Analysis

7 Stages of Soft Systems Methodology - Stage 3

Formulating the root definitions of relevant systems

By now the facilitator of the Soft Systems Methodology should have a good idea of the situation and may have some ideas as to which areas are causing problems. 373 more words

The Importance of Manual Labor in a Tech-Heavy Marketplace

There is a lot to learn in the garden.

Or on a construction site.

Or an assembly line.

Too often our work involves devices that are operated by the click of buttons. 102 more words


Loren... what are you doing? Why haven't you been writing more blog entries lately?

Happy Holidays!

I have been a bit remiss with this blog. I apologize. My excuse is being busy with the following projects:

1. Automating labor rates in Deltek Vision with an outside platform being the system of record. 381 more words

Deltek Vision

7 Stages of Soft Systems Methodology - Stage 2

Expressing the problem situation

Stage 2 of the Soft Systems Methodology involves the expressing of the problem situation in pictures. The aim is to create a rich picture of the situation which captures the interactions between all its elements. 100 more words

7 Stages of Soft Systems Methodology - Stage 1

Entering the problem situation

In Stage 1 of the Soft Systems Methodology, the facilitator (most commonly a Business Analyst) enters the problem situation. He needs to acknowledge, explore, clarify and begin looking at how to define the problem in some way. 113 more words