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And the magazines look germy.

You know that feeling you get when your waiter takes forever to return? Did they go home? Or when you’re in the examination room and five minutes becomes fifteen minutes? 189 more words

Business As Usual

That Was Unexpected.

Last Saturday, as Maki and I headed out of the library, we decided, spur of the moment, to take a stroll down Arbat. It had been a while since I had been down the street, so lo and behold, I surprised to see this most recent of developments. 181 more words

Former Soviet Union

Summer in the City

Here and there, meandering through Moscow, mostly after long days at the archives and the library.

One of the things that you quickly come to terms with when you live in Moscow is that it basically takes an hour to get anywhere, 45 minutes if you’re really lucky. 1,031 more words

Former Soviet Union

Little Known Facts on Ruining Your Hair

I’ve heard many a comment (I believed to be untrue, by-the-way),that one does not care how their hair looks. They may have become tired of trying to make their hair look as good as what they see in magazines, or even on their friends. 1,409 more words

Business As Usual

He told me I was a pseudo-intellectual
and then by the look on his face
hoped I didn’t know what it meant.

Business As Usual

Sundays in the Park

With so much in the news, sometimes it’s nice just to get away from it all. Last week’s choice: Tsaritsyno.

Sundays are nice, quiet days here in Moscow. 369 more words

Former Soviet Union

Lazing on a Summer Afternoon

A walk in Kolomenskoe, a huge park within the Moscow city limits.

Kolomenskoe, once a village located outside Moscow on the road to Kolomna, was incorporated into the Moscow city limits in the Soviet era. 379 more words

Former Soviet Union