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Richard Alpert

Richard Alpert (aka Ram Dass)


Born to a Jewish family in Massachusetts Richard Alpert considered himself an atheist and did not profess any religion during his early life, describing himself as “inured to religion. 564 more words

Business As Usual

Ouchy boo-boos and Almighty God

Does God care about sick people?

I wondered this the other day when I was praying for some of my friends who are healing from illnesses. 363 more words

Business As Usual

From The Heart of an Author & Artist

As an author, I know all too well the struggles of promoting and marketing our work. It can be grueling work, and sometimes down right frustrating. 371 more words


Life as a Learning Experience

When you think of life as purely a learning experience you come to realize that Earth is a teaching environment.

The human being is offered a multitude of possible realities in each moment, and with each decision… Give yourself the opportunity to realize that with every decision, you had the choice of a myriad of outcomes, each reality worthy of the experience. 202 more words

Business As Usual

Coincidence Versus Intent

A coincidence is an incident that happens with another incident. It can happen at the same time at the same place, same time but different place or same place but different time. 349 more words

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Change The Vibration of Your Name: The ‘I AM’ Technique

The world is trapped in its own beliefs – each culture, country, religion, society, group and organization have their own ideas and beliefs. 672 more words

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Beyond Your Limitations

How have you chosen to shape your reality?

Were you raised in a way that limited your beliefs and weighed you down with doubts about the beliefs of others? 148 more words

Business As Usual