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We've come a long way, baby.

Scene: 1970’s, living room of my family home. “Mrs. Smith is having surgery,” my mom says. She leans in, her face serious, her voice hushed, “Female problems.” 331 more words

Business As Usual

"Medical Ramblings" or "At Least We Had September"

Feel free to ignore. But since you’re here..

I can eat pizza now. And sandwiches. I couldn’t eat pizza or sandwiches before my surgery. But I can now. 298 more words

Business As Usual

Climate March 2014 (this post will be historical someday)

Did everyone know there’s a climate march happening tomorrow in NYC? Pretty exciting stuff! And since I’ve been taking a political science class based on climate change, I thought it would be a great time to share a few important things I’ve learned that I think will really hit home for some of you. 877 more words


Of Goals, Systems and Success metrics!

How do you set yourself up for success and maximise your chances of getting there? Its a question to which I guess philosophers have forever thought about – and will continue to ponder on. 989 more words


By Julie Lévesque

Global Research, September 19, 2014

The recent beheadings of three Westerners, Foley, Sotloff and Haines, at the hands of the Islamic State (ISIS) has sparked a wave of indignation and strong condemnation by Western heads of state.

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How Many Auditors Does It Take …

The title of this post sounds like the start of one of those bad jokes involving the changing of light bulbs.  But this is a serious issue for all organizations because, in today’s regulatory environment, it can be a free for all of audit after audit after assessment after assessment.  788 more words


Nature and the Fibonacci Numbers

Rabbits, Cows and Bees Family Trees

Let’s look first at the Rabbit Puzzle that Fibonacci wrote about and then at two adaptations of it to make it more realistic. 5,850 more words

Business As Usual