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Dressing for Your Future

It’s that time of year that hopeful applicants visit their top colleges, seniors submit their applications and recommendation letters for grad school, and middle class college students are hit by a bus load of real world reality. 234 more words


Asshole Dresses in Full Suit Just for Classes on a Monday

Junior Carlton Daly was seen earlier today entering his 11:00 am Theology class dressed in a dark navy, form-fitting JoS. A. Bank suit, a stiff, white button-up shirt, and a red and white striped tie. 180 more words

Notre Dame

Fantastic Friday!

Helllllloooo Ducklings!

Today is Friday, but it’s more than that, it is Fantastic Friday! Go out, enjoy the fall weather! Create!

Today, I feel pretty fierce. 217 more words

White Collar

Today I taught my first math lesson. It was the most student-centered, unstructured lesson I’ve ever taught, and it was amazing. I am so into this on-trend look of a white button up, jeans, and a statement necklace. 65 more words


So You Have to Wear a Tie to Work

Remember the DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince song ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’? The one where the Fresh Prince is forced by his mum to wear clothes he hates? 300 more words

Dude Stuff

If the Suit Fits...

The Psychology of Your Work Wardrobe

Deciding what to wear to work day-to-day takes time and attention.

And it’s worth it.

Whether you’re in a suit-and-tie environment or a more casual workplace, what you wear — and how you wear it — says a lot about you, your personality and what you do on a daily basis. 574 more words


Wintry Business Attire

With winter just around the corner, you need to put your summer clothes away and start bringing out your wintry outfits. Though you can get away with a few summer pieces during the winter. 66 more words

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