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Due to social networking, businesses now have such a wide variety of ways to get their word out to the public. Blogging can be a very beneficial way for businesses to have a professional interactive relationship with the public. 321 more words

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Legal Aspects



Employment Law

Employment law outlines the relationship between, employees, employers, trade unions and the government. Health and Safety

Regulations and procedures that need to be followed to prevent anything damaging the health or safety of someone. 148 more words

Business Blogs


Blogging is an extremely useful tool for marketing a business and getting traffic into your website. Major businesses such as IBM and Oracle are currently blogging but a blog is not just for tech related businesses it can be helpful no matter what field you’re in. 179 more words

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5 Reasons those List and Tip Business Blogs are the Certain Path to Dismal Professional Failure

You know I am right, or you would not have followed this link.

I am old enough to remember a time when managers, on arriving in the office, would spend the hour between 7:30am (when the real career people arrive) and 8:30am (when the rest arrive) reading intelligent articles in business magazines and the parts of the daily paper which have to be read with two hands. 1,167 more words


Things You Need to Consider Before Renovating of Your Home

Although many people may see it as an unnecessary expense, it is very true that the value of your property may decline if it is neglected and not been upgraded often. 473 more words

Business Blogs