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Why Do Companies Need Business Coaching

We are living in a changing world with no sign of ending, which doesn’t appear to prevent our time in future. The changes will affect in all areas of your lifetime like happiness, business, health and success. 168 more words

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How to win

Its important how you win

He’s a quality driver, very strong and only 16. If he keeps this up I’m sure he will reach F1. 256 more words

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Effective management strategies help retain talented employees

For all business owners, taking the time to invest in employees is crucial. Without giving staff members the opportunity to develop their skills, companies can pay the price and… 450 more words

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Use time management to your advantage

Successful businesses usually translate to busy executives, managers and employees. Taking advantage of optimization services like breakthrough consulting can provide major benefits for companies, and some simple time management advice can also help out workers. 396 more words

Chet Holmes

Amma...I was on fire!!!

Best business lessons from unusual places!

Passion.   We can’t fake it.   It comes from deep inside.

Never discount your ability to learn much from someone  who is younger or less experienced than you.   442 more words

"Social Eyes On Business"

"What Fulfills You?"

“What fulfills you?”

When we run into someone, we usually ask “How are you?”  Since it’s rhetorical, this question usually garners the expected superficial response, “I’m fine, thanks, how are you?”  The question doesn’t dig deeply, doesn’t attempt to make a meaningful connection. 397 more words

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Managing finances is a crucial small business skill

There are many things that business owners must manage within their operations, the most important of which is finances. Money that flows into and out of a company needs to be carefully maintained.  484 more words

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