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In any discussion about phone systems, there are always those points that seem to crop up again and again, aren’t there? If your office is anything like mine, odds are that one of those points is the old  … 713 more words


Designing Best Practices for Community Management: Communication

Community management is a developing field and as such, there’s no one set of rules on how to interact with your community members. Every community will need a unique approach, but that’s what makes it such an exciting and rewarding career.  553 more words

Community Management

Lesson aims & business outcomes

I recently saw this lesson aim in a Business English lesson plan that someone had created for a demo lesson as part of an interview. 759 more words

Love Code Decode

A lover sends a code to his girl friend ‘0 0 0′

The Girl friend revert back with ‘:) :) :)’

Next day the Lover sends a code to his friend ‘:( :( :(‘ 43 more words

NO-Bama. No Free Community College!

The president’s State of the Union speech — I was able to watch it until he got to “free community college” just as accessible and free to all as “high school” at which point I got really angry. 659 more words

Who Are We Teaching?

Why do people write like zombies at work?

My colleague, Burcu, sent me the link to this recent Forbes piece by Liz Ryan on why people writing things like as per my message… 124 more words

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