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Insure readers understand your message with the right content

Workplace readers often say they want short documents. But shorter doesn’t always equal an easier reading experience. Consider these jury instructions:

A fact is established by direct evidence when proved by documentary evidence or by witnesses who saw the act done or heard the words spoken.

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Learn to identify needless words and promote clarity

A couple of months back, Forbes.com published 10 Tips For Better Business Writing. Tip #3 was “Omit needless words.”

The author echoed the time-honored advice of William Strunk, Jr., in  727 more words

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Talking in your sleep

Oftentimes, it’s not so much what you say but rather how you say it.

It’s an important lesson for all of us, but especially important for those who aspire to be our leaders. 404 more words

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Help your readers see what you mean with informative graphics

As Forbes.com contributor Naomi Robbins says,

Despite the fact that graphs are now ubiquitous in virtually every field of business, very few people have received any training on how to read or design  a graph.

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This is getting pretty technical, but bear with me while I try to get through the next part quickly. The next few concepts are essential, but they can also be controversial. 191 more words

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Control your tone to avoid negative attention from readers

When you can’t perceive the variation in pitch between different musical notes, you’re considered tone deaf. That’s how the  Napa Valley Register labeled the four writers of the flyer at right in   583 more words

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"Couldn't You Just Fake It?"

“Couldn’t you just fake it?”   That’s what I wanted to say to him.  But I didn’t say a thing. I kept my mouth shut.

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