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Seven Writing Tips for More Effective Communication

Building a successful business requires building relationships. And building strong relationships requires effective communication across all fronts: in person, phone, web meetings, social media, and email. 399 more words

Business Communication

Think long-term and be kind to readers with well-formatted documents

It’s something of a paradox. But the space you leave blank in your documents matters.  Compare these two forms discussed in an article about the importance of white space… 600 more words

Professional Writing

The Important of Retaining Loyal Customers

Every business has to be proactive to prevent their customers from leaving them for the competition. Sam Walton, founder of Walmart said, “There is only one boss—the customer. 243 more words

A Painless Process for Feedback

Asking for feedback is not easy. Giving feedback is not any easier! You can make it easy on both sides with a couple simple techniques. 467 more words


Use parallel structure in lists to increase reading efficiency

Those offering advice to professionals who write have long suggested that similar ideas should appear in similar (or parallel) form. In fact, the advice appears in one of the… 619 more words

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