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3 guidelines for coaching novice workplace writers

I’ve been thinking about the nuggets of wisdom I have to share with those who are new to teaching novices to write successfully in the workplace. 1,613 more words

Professional Writing

Mitigating and Recovering from Disasters

Business continuity is an arrangement set forth by the management of the business to respond to and mitigate the disaster, if and when it strikes. The strategies are carved out keeping in mind a set of problems, and not just one single type. 463 more words

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Next session in business writing on 23 August

Eager Melburnians!  Here’s a sample of what you’ll get from our next public session in “Reader-centred business writing”: The top 12 business writing distinctions including… 193 more words

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Why You’re Not Getting the Truth

“They shoot the messenger.” The phrase has its origin from antiquity, but has just as much meaning today. If you’re the leader, you may be the shooter. 353 more words


Five Ways to Improve Your Email Writing

I receive many email messages, as I am sure you do. I have noticed these tendencies of email writers in Singapore:

(1)  They don’t differentiate much between a formal and an informal email. 706 more words

We Should Be Taking Notes

African Nations Impose Ebola Quarantines, State of Emergency and Close Borders

As the lethal Ebola continues to spread in West Africa, several new “epidemic/pandemic milestones” have now occurred and continue to serve as warning lessons to be learned for your own pandemic communication preparedness. 940 more words

Communication Planning

Lead your reader through your content with transitions

Readers understand a message better when writers use explicit signals of what they want readers to get out of a document. Transitions like “unfortunately” are one type of explicit signal. 757 more words

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