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The College Amenities Arms Race

For certain schools, spending money on extravagant accommodations may be the savvy business decision.

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Resource Nationalism In Retreat In The Oil Patch

The petroleum industry has certainly suffered in the past decade from resource nationalism, from Bolivia to Venezuela, however, this is hardly the permanent problem many fear. 51 more words

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Fashion Tech Labs Are All The Rage: A Guide To 11 Fashion Tech Labs And What They Offer

There has been a great deal written about fashion technology, everything from wearables to fit design, customization, manufacturing and social media marketing. The list is endless and incorporates, cloud computing, predictive analytics, 3D printing and much more. 35 more words

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Avoid The Social Security Nightmare That Doomed This Couple

Sally and Arthur Blackstone are a nice, hypothetical upper-middle class New York couple who contributed at the maximum level to Social Security since graduating law school. 12 more words

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The French Laundry: 20th Anniversary Commemorative Plates

In honor of The French Laundry’s 20th Anniversary earlier this month, chef Thomas Keller partnered with Raynaud to debut a collection of limited edition commemorative plates. 106 more words

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Doing Business In Sub-Saharan Africa: Six Aspects To Consider

Many companies from the developed world are setting their sights on Africa as a new frontier for business. Reasons to believe include improved political environments, above-average GDP growth rates and the promise of rich opportunities in a continent where everything still needs to be developed from scratch. 68 more words

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