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The Fantasy Football Explosion

Over the last several weeks, groups of intense football fans have been observed heading en masse for secretive nighttime meetings. They carry pizza boxes, liquid refreshments, and briefcases filled with stats and research. 57 more words

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Debating Politics On Facebook, Where Silence Implies Dissent

When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, he designed it to be a nicer place than the real world. People you barely know are “friends”; people you have drinks with now and then, “close friends.” You get a notification if someone deems you a friend, but if they later think better of… 13 more words

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Vanessa Williams Slapped With Six Figure IRS Tax Lien

Vanessa Williams’ Tax Lien May Be a Mistake, and Some Liens Are Wrong. But Usually They Mean the IRS Will Get Paid, Period.

from Forbes – Business… 9 more words

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Building A Business On Bitcoins

Bitcoins are all about volatility. From their steeply fluctuating value in comparison to national currencies to the furious debate they generate about the future of money or even whether they are in fact a currency, they are inseparable from their explosive nature. 12 more words

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NA Jet Deliveries Higher

The worst recession since the Great Depression ended in June 2009, but the recovery has been slow and halting—all the more reason to take comfort in recently released data showing second-quarter business jet deliveries in North America, mainly the U.S., 30 percent higher than in the same period a year ago. 12 more words

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Baidu's Surprising Search For The Holy Grail Of Artificial Intelligence

Finding the one true algorithm of perceptual learning, in particular the branch of AI called deep learning, is the key goal of Baidu?s new Silicon Valley AI lab in Sunnyvale, run by Stanford machine learning researcher Adam Coates. 12 more words

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