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Business Development Jobs in Kuwait

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1) Financial Representative / Financial Planning Associate job by Austin Financial Partners
2) Billing and Authorization Coordinator job by Advanced Home Health and Hospice… 75 more words


Marketing is as much about personal responsibility as anything else

I have to admit this was almost going to be another blog published under the ‘things we can learn from football’ moniker but as we did that a few weeks ago I thought another heading would be prudent … even if it is something that originated from a football match.  264 more words

Business Development

No, wait a minute these really ARE excuses

In our work, helping lawyers and accountants with their marketing and business development, one of the lines we hear a lot (read: ‘all the time’) that tends to make me smile (read: ‘makes my toes curl’) is “it’s not excuses but …”    279 more words

Business Development

Marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from Star Wars

Can you imagine how differently intergalactic history would have been if Han Solo had decided to rely on an advertisement in the Mos Eisley Gazette to promote the fact you could charter the Millennium Falcon?   205 more words

Business Development

If lawyers and accountants want to use thought leadership they should look at Indiana Jones

More and more we seem to come back to thought leadership.  This is not the best of terms.  It conjures up an amalgamation of Americans on bean bags, David Brent and the worst of W1A/2012’s Perfect Curve in equal measure but, until an acceptable alternative appears, it’ll do. 267 more words

Business Development

Leaving your foot in the (legal) door (From TotallyLegal.co.uk)

I may well be the first to admit that business development/selling/marketing/this week’s preferred moniker isn’t rocket science and is very little other than applied common sense to be honest, and this is something we’re continually reminded of by the solicitors, attorneys and barristers we work with. 464 more words

Business Development

Barclays sees peso strengthening in next 3 months

MANILA, Philippines – The peso will likely strengthen further in the next three months as recent monetary policy adjustments keep the currency stable amid a strong dollar, UK-based investment bank Barclays said. 223 more words

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