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[Guest Post] Summer Internship Experience by Gregory Shirinian

My internship this summer was with Urban Engineers of New York P.C., located in New York, New York right in front of Madison Square Garden. It was an exciting experience that I was able to learn a lot from even though I am not in the engineering school here at Villanova University. 317 more words


An Ode to Order Managers

It was a sunshine-splashed day in our Itasca, IL office, but the mood of the women in the bullpen was anything but sunny.  As I made my way into the office and got over to the coffee machine, I realized that something was wrong.   686 more words

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A Fancy Cooler Has Stolen The Title Of Most-Funded Kickstarter Project From Pebble

Arguably, Pebble and its record-breaking Kickstarter project woke the slumbering giant that is the smartwatch device category. It should follow, then, that by this time next year we’ll be seeing Android-powered smart coolers from Samsung, LG and every OEM under the sun flooding the market, given that the Coolest Cooler has now knocked the Pebble from its vaunted pedestal, with over… … 15 more words

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Volometrix Attempts To Measure Employee Productivity--But Is It A Flawed Model?

We’re seeing a tectonic shift in the way organizations work. Distributed team, global collaboration, remote-working and cloud tools all make agility ever more possible within organizations. 56 more words

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The Anxiety Disorder Lurking In Your Pocket

Our gadgets have become so interwoven with our lives, it’s fair to argue that they’ve become an extension of who we are. Phones are no longer just phones, they are Life Interface Devices (let’s just go ahead and coin it – they’re LIDs), and losing your LID is no small matter. 57 more words

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As The Wireless Wars Boil And A Big Cable Merger Simmers, Let's Pause To Thank ... The Government

In 2011, the government stopped AT&T from buying T-Mobile. The result has been more robust competition and lower competition. In other words, for a change, intervention had a happy ending. 29 more words

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