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Business what?

I have started to take my academics a lot more seriously now in comparison to years past. My major is Business Economics, which is one of the smaller departments at Glendon. 434 more words


Classified advertisement written by experts

  Classified advertisements are short advertisement published either by print media or electronic media. The recent popularity of the internet has also made online advertising very popular. 464 more words


Digging Deep: Why Colin Barnett's mining tax offer may not be in Zambia's best interest

According to ZNBC News Online, the Prime Minister of Western Australia (WA), Colin Barnett, has said that he will help the Zambian Government re-align and strengthen its mining tax regime to ensure citizens derive maximum benefits from the country’s mineral resources. 800 more words


Hey Microsoft, Acquiring A Hit Game Is Stupid

Buying a game company is like buying an aging baseball player. You’ll need a miracle to get another hit. And while they might have plenty of fans, they probably aren’t making a lot of new ones. 1,040 more words


The bounds of the wicked quadrant ...

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been roaming the innovation landscape to get a better view of the boundaries that divide the landscape into four quadrants. 1,141 more words


On Regret

No one ever said, “I regret not working more.” So do what you love.

If you’re a receptionist, a waiter, a cashier, a cook, a bar back, a janitor, a trash collector or a housewife – whatever you do – be the best! 160 more words

Business & Economics

Real Competition in Broadband - it's important for everyone.

This is a little off my “Restau/Bar” blogging norm, but hey, bars have broadband service and it’s a vital part of our customer service.  This article… 162 more words