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All in the Family: Making Names Ending with S Plural

You can always write about the Williams family or the Watkins family, but the rule in pluralizing a name ending in S is, as you would expect, to add —ES. 183 more words

Business Writing

Five Ways to Switch from Singlish to English at the Workplace

Have you heard utterances like these at the workplace?

-  Wah, so early for what? Meeting start at 10am leh.

-  Ei, the boss not happy today hor. 550 more words

4 Common Grammar Mistakes that are REALLY ANNOYING!

(Image credit http://bit.ly/1tq28jD)

English grammar does have its ‘special cases’ that make the learning confusing and frustrating, but today I’m not going to talk about those ones. 327 more words


the most (?) unusual place to teach English

Have you ever taught English (or any other language) in the middle of a field? I have – now I can put a tick in “ELT experiences list” ;-) 635 more words

Lesson Plans

English for Music - Instruments and Orchestra lesson Plan

English for Music Summer Camp 2014, Torrent, Valencia

The following course was held between 14th to the 18th July 2014, in the Unio Musical de Torrent ( 1,544 more words