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Muscular Language | A gender-discourse activity

I’ve observed that in meetings and other forums, female managers all too frequently offer their perspectives couched in tentative language or hedge their opinions when they ought to be asserting their views more compellingly.   1,109 more words

Do you speak correct English?

Last year, a study by Aspiring Minds, an employability solutions consultancy, threw up some alarming statistics. The report says that nearly half of Indian graduates (47% to be precise) are not fit to be hired for any job owing to poor English language and cognitive skills. 416 more words

A2: Homework for October 16, 2014

Imagine that you receive this e-mail from a customer:

Dear John Doe,

I am writing because I am unhappy with the website you designed for me.

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Integrate improvisational theatre activities in the business classroom

“Yes, and…”: Improv theatre techniques for creativity and speaking skills

Full e-session by Christina Rebuffet-Broadus

Streamed live and recorded at the 24th IATEFL-Hungary annual conference on 4 October 2014…
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VeszprémOnline 2014

Like Al Pacino in Scarface!

I don’t know about you, but I find that both teaching and learning English pronunciation is quite difficult for Spanish speakers.  In my short experience as an English teacher I have noticed that institutes and teachers rarely focus on phonics and pronunciation. 638 more words

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The Difference Between 'had better' and 'should' in English.

“You had better see this movie”. “You should see this movie”. Do you know the difference between these two sentences?

Many Americans use he  phrase “had better” and the word “should” incorrectly. 313 more words

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