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10 things you should consider while you launch a business

Launching a new venture is always a great challenge. It becomes more critical if you are taking this initiative for the first time. But if you know a few essential things which ensures your business success, no doubt you can manage the critical factors which influence your start up success. 357 more words

Tips On How To Start A Business

Little Cute Designs

So, I have a little Facebook page called Little Cute Designs – where you will see lots of the handmade plaques I make.

But where did Little Cute Designs come from? 306 more words

The Camp Kitchen


Ah, the great outdoors. It’s effing great isn’t it? (Clue’s in the name).

The open spaces, the fresh air, and that sausage you’ve managed to cremate, seasoned with fresh soil due to said sausage jumping out of the frying pan but missing the fire. 224 more words

Business Idea

The old fashioned technique of generating business ideas

As much as I do a lot of my work online, I am a strong advocate of writing down ideas on paper.  I have a journal where I jot down business ideas which for me is the litmus test of whether or not I am passionate about that business idea.   206 more words

Starting A Business

CC Camera Placement idea

This recent incident made my think of it.

I have simple business idea to share. This can be a marketing idea for existing company and a new business model for new entrepreneurs. 88 more words

Business Idea

Full circle

It’s been one year since I posted on this blog. Long story short: school, work, family and a few hobbies. I’ve also had the time to read quite bit. 201 more words

Starting an online business

Today businesses go online so as to build their online presence. Every 9 out of 10 business have their online presence. The online business is doubling in every 5 years time. 451 more words

Business Idea