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The obstacles we face

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted on the blog and here I’ll just briefly explain why.

Simply I did need a break, and I learnt it’s ok to sometimes do that! 417 more words


How to open a business in Israel

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business in Israel – a bridge in the world market relations, it acts as a single state, which is an agreement on free market trade with the United States, the European Union, the European Free Trade Association countries of… … 7 more words

Reasons to seek guidance from stalwarts for starting up a new business

The basic idea of attracting customers to your start up, despite there being giant performers in the same line of business, that too with years of experience, is actually an uphill task. 277 more words

Starting Up A New Business

Find a good business idea.

A good business idea is one that you can sustain. It is a good idea to pursue the project you have the skills and interest for. 259 more words

Business Mentor

Is there a failure in Communication? No, it’s the Complexity of being Human

Have you ever wonder why the other party (ies) just can’t get what you are trying to tell them?

  1. You are explaining the market situation for a particular country and the challenges faced to the board; they just do not get it and come to conclusion that you’re not doing your best.
  2. 1,381 more words
Business Idea

How can a women become more self-confident about her Business Idea? with Adele Michal

How to get the right idea about your business, learn how to be confident about your creative idea that can lead to a prosperous business and a vocation.. 134 more words

Self Confidence

Why Doing What You Love Can Be The Worst Advice You Can Receive… Especially For a Business Idea

First let me make this clear, the article below is reproduced and all attribute to the writer (Joe Seeber), check out his articles!.  I couldn’t agree more and been wanting to write something about this but what Joe has written is so articulately presented, he spoke what i have been trying to say all my life whether in work, business, friendships and even in relationships (i think we will write about communication in our next posting).    950 more words

Business Idea