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The beginning of every venture is both exciting and nerve-racking. In September of this year, MelandArt became an officially registered business in the country of Belize. 244 more words

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The Business Idea

At the start of term 1 we struggled to come up with a strong business idea that all directors were passionate about. Eventually we settled on the proposal of making a all-natural hair product. 214 more words

Business Idea

Financial planning

Ah, financial planners. The pinnacle of adulthood and fiscal responsibility. You know you’ve made it when you need to outsource in order to keep track of your towering piles of cash. 688 more words



See How Salad business can fetch you more income
People are looking for ways to get out of their bad shape, their heal health and doctors have told them to get involve with exercises and eat lots of fruits and I know most Nigerians don’t really see fruit as important as the usual rice and stew but if the concept of mixing all kind of vegetables together and giving people varieties in fruit concept, I’m sure lots of people will want more of the fruit to their usual African dish.Have you ever thought of going into the business of mixing fruit for consumers? 459 more words

Business Idea

Q&A with Rahul Varshneya

Q. What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

A. My favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur is the fact that you truly define your success. 969 more words


5 Cardinal Principles of Starting a Small Business

Do you aspire to start a small business but don’t know where to begin? Scared of abandoning the steady paycheck? Relax. The first steps are always the hardest so we aim to simplify it. 375 more words

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IoX - Internet of (type something here)

I find the concept of boom and bust cycles very interesting. Just think of all the possibilities that recognizing such movements would give for an investor. 288 more words

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