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Dundee’s 20/20 vision is coming together nicely and what does this mean for its retail sector.

My business idea is rather varied with a part caring for the community high streets and local businesses within them. 146 more words

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Minigame Marathon

So this is an idea I have had for the longest.
I want to start what I dubbed the Mini Game Arcade, or MAG.
It is like a Dave and Busters or Peter Pippers or Chuck E. 214 more words

Is Packaging a Perennial Business?

The answer is a big “YES”.

Mobile phones which flooded the markets in 1980s antiquated the crowd – pleasing pagers in a jiff. CDs have replaced audio cassettes, keyboards have replaced typewriters, clocks and watches have replaced hourglasses. 459 more words

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Burn out!

Lessons on how to keep the idea moving when you BURN OUT!

We’ve both had a hectic week in our working and family lives and something had to give. 174 more words

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IDEA's Marketing Strategy

Major Players In The Market Place

Consumers or Customers: people who work to earn money to purchase goods and services and their necessities of daily living, utilities, entertainment, travel, pleasure like vacations, motor vehicles, gas, maintenance, etc. 336 more words

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Like most I have this idea when I went shopping with my wife along with a bunch of friends a week before Christmas way back in 1979. 379 more words

Business Idea

What are the basic components of Commerce

Commerce refers to all the activity which is necessary to bring goods and services from the place of their production to the place of their consumption. 427 more words

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