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Developing Synergy - Going beyond Preconceived Ideas

I overheard 2 business leaders recently debating (rather heatedly) about their teams and how hard it is to get everyone to work together. Getting a strong team together  is probably one of the key challenges that any entrepreneur or business owner will grapple with, much less build a synergistic team that takes the company places. 1,067 more words

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Advice to Women Entrepreneurs from Divine Ndhlukula

Divine Ndhlukula is one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in Africa

My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is start with an end in mind, know exactly what you want to achieve and start to work systematically towards the goal, exercising some patience. 314 more words

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Say No Without The Guilt

As entrepreneurs we generally want control of everything within our company, which means that when someone hands something off to us “yes” is the first thing that usually comes. 415 more words

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Achieving Mastery: develop your personal strategy

Wouldn’t it be nice to start a business, hit jackpot with a fantastic product or idea, and generate millions within a few years? This would probably be every entrepreneur’s dream, even if money isn’t the driving force behind every business. 865 more words

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Global Workforce Crisis Puts $10 Trillion at Risk in World Economy, Study Says: by BCG.

July 01, 2014

Global Workforce Crisis Puts $10 Trillion at Risk in World Economy, Study Says
By 2030, the Potential Value Squandered Because of Labor Shortages and Surpluses Could Exceed 10 Percent of World GDP, or Nearly 60 Percent of U.S. 770 more words

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Learn About the Possibilities of Business through 'The Profit'

Recently, I caught a few episodes of The Profit. The show centered itself around an investor, Marcus Lemonis, who has had experience in buying out over 100 businesses. 481 more words


Growing a brand, one step at a time - An Interview with Mr. Joshua Lung

When I first met Joshua, Healing Touch was already a mature brand, the most recommended spa in Singapore, and had 4 spa outlets locally generating steady revenue streams. 2,476 more words

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