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Organizational alignment: coalescing culture, organization and leadership

Torben Rick’s piece on organizational alignment made me think – it’s a simple concept but never-the-less overlooked: strategy can only be implemented if the organization is aligned with it. 28 more words


Trick-or-Treat a Data Scientist

“Dad, can you help get more candy this Halloween?” Abdur Rehman, my 12 year old asked me last Friday. His simple question got me thinking of how I, as a data scientist, could optimize his path for collecting candy. 68 more words

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What the Hortonworks IPO could mean for the future of big data

Enterprise Hadoop vendor Hortonworks recently filed for an initial public offering. It could change the game in the coming months for big data and Hadoop. 50 more words

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Finally—Business Intelligence Comes To Big Data

Business Intelligence was the buzzword of the 1990s, scoring oodles of venture capital cash and plenty of customers, a huge percentage of which never got much value from their hefty investments. 51 more words

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Knowledge Discovery - Text Mining Using R


Text mining via analysis of online text sources is a vital tool for gaining new knowledge and insights into people’s habits, sentiments and for monitoring social progress. 2,654 more words

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The Big Data Marketing Creepiness Factor

We’ve all been there: on our lunch hour we surreptitiously visit our favorite My Little Pony fan site. Then hours later we bring our laptop to a meeting and project our client’s corporate web site for all to see – and right there at the top is a banner ad for My Little Pony: The Movie. 106 more words

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