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What Is Big Data, Really?

When considering “big data,” we must first understand that the name is a marketing term, like “the cloud.” It means different things to different people. For some, big data is large volumes of unstructured data and the goal is to analyze this. 53 more words

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How do you count a flock of birds?

Watching a BBC wildlife programme I came across a fascinating concept – fascinating for a business intelligence person anyway: how do you count a flock of birds? 225 more words

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Math Model Is Predicting the Ebola Outbreak with Incredible Accuracy

Part of the allure of epidemiology is being able to describe and predict highly dynamic outbreaks with simple, clean mathematical models. But how close can models really get to perfectly mapping the spread of disease? 56 more words

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Big Data Can Guess Who You Are Based on Your Zip Code

In the era of Big Data, your zip code is a window into what you can afford to buy, but it also reveals how you spend time—and, in essence, who you are. 32 more words

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The Duality of Big Data: The Angel and the Demon

Over the last few years, we underwent a change in perspectives on the U.S. government — and more specifically, the NSA. It all started when whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked details of secret NSA data collection programs. 42 more words

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