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Money talk - invoice or bill - what's the difference?

This is actually a really easy one, as bills and invoices are the same thing. The difference only lies in usage. My Internet service provider sends me a ‘monthly telephony invoice’ (that’s what they call it). 76 more words


Got Feel?

Are you just going through the motions in your job?  Or do you feel it…you know, really feel it?

Mixed Bag of Feel

Many people go to jobs each day that they outright hate or at least really don’t enjoy very much. 1,284 more words


In the Land of the $27,000 Cocktail

In my recent quest to dominate business knowledge, I wrapped up reading Winds of Turbulence, an overview by Howard Putnam of what it is like to be CEO of an airline that is both successful and fruitful and one that is struggling and on the decline. 668 more words

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Destination: IRONMAN

Oh man, it’s time. The twelve month wait is over and Tahoe is knock, knock, knockin’ (I feel that I may be dying on Heaven’s doorstep at the end of thatjourney). 906 more words


Can't Refuse

When Don Corleone is talking to you, sometimes what follows is an offer that you just can’t refuse.  Often the smart money says to take it. 1,105 more words

Presentation Tips 6 - What is the benefit?

This is the critically important point that needs to be emphasised as part of your introduction.
How does your product, idea or proposal benefit the listeners? 249 more words


How 12 Coconuts Changed My Life… True Story

Sweat pouring off my face, I jump over, toss, lift, lunge with and push up on my allotted coconut. The awkward shape combined with the juice moving around inside adds to the difficulty of every move. 521 more words

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