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Can't Refuse

When Don Corleone is talking to you, sometimes what follows is an offer that you just can’t refuse.  Often the smart money says to take it. 1,105 more words

Presentation Tips 6 - What is the benefit?

This is the critically important point that needs to be emphasised as part of your introduction.
How does your product, idea or proposal benefit the listeners? 249 more words


How 12 Coconuts Changed My Life… True Story

Sweat pouring off my face, I jump over, toss, lift, lunge with and push up on my allotted coconut. The awkward shape combined with the juice moving around inside adds to the difficulty of every move. 521 more words

Sharing Bali

Ten Ways to Kill An Enterprise Architecture Practice

Have you seen practices that you know could kill an Enterprise Architecture practice?  I have.  A recent LinkedIn thread asked for examples, and I came up with my top ten.  315 more words


Bankacılıkta Yeni Trendler

Bankacılık sektörünün usta isimlerinden Brett King tarafından yayınlanan ve önümüzdeki on yıl içerisinde, sektörde beklenen trendleri görebileceğimiz çalışmaya göz atmakta fayda var.

Benim en çok ilgimi çeken “Hyper connected customers” oldu.  17 more words


Opportunity Knocks

“Well you can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks.  Yes, you can stare into the abyss, but it’s starin’ right back.” 936 more words

10 Reasons Why Swimming is the Best Medicine

Hot off of a back-to-back race weekend, I was more than happy to retire my running shoes and bike cleats (only for a 24 hour break) and got to thoroughly enjoy my Monday and *gasp* actually spent time with my dog! 515 more words