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Presentation Tips 5 - Say it thrice

This is a very important rule as regards giving presentations. By the way, ‘thrice’ means ‘three times’, as ‘twice’ means ‘two times’ – I hoped the word would catch your eye and your interest. 522 more words


Rules of Success – Rule number 11

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Have a plan (a realistic plan)

Goals are important to your business life. We have discussed this matter last week.
Now it is the time to think about to build a plan. 241 more words

Learning And Growing Network Marketing

Presentation Tips 4 - Stance and Body Language

Here we enter an area which can depend on your own personality. If you are naturally animated and use a lot of hand gestures, you have an advantage. 562 more words

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The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship

By all counts and measures, Bradley Smith is an unequivocal business success. He’s CEO of Rescue One Financial, an Irvine, California-based financial services company that had sales of nearly $32 million last year. 2,567 more words


Presentation Tips 3 - The Venue

Check with the organisers what facilities will be available to you. Don’t assume anything, or you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. Is there a podium, a microphone, can you make use of your own laptop, or do you have to take a memory stick and use their computer? 370 more words

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Presentation Tips 2 - Clothes for Film and TV

The difference between the human eye and the camera lens:

Actually it is the brain behind the eye which makes all the difference. Both the eye and the camera lens have automatic functions which require no ‘manual’ controls. 979 more words

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Presentation Tips 1

You will have heard that the key to the success of any business is location, location, location. Well, the key to the success of any great presentation is preparation, preparation, preparation. 123 more words

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