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Adventures in Peru

Well, let’s see, I haven’t blogged in basically forever, Christmas is around the corner, and we are still awaiting snow in Reno. Happy December to everyone, by the way. 832 more words

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Chief Information Officer
Chief Technology Officer 6 more words

ever wondered why you had been turned down for a job?

I was in a discussion with a fellow panellist last week on the subject of competition. My angle for the debate had been on purchasing and there were some striking differences between the approach a buyer would take to deciding who to appoint and the way my colleague on the panel would work in their specialism. 373 more words


What is "gravitas" and how does one develop it?

I think that “gravitas” means really the opposite of being a visibly light-hearted, humorous and happy-go-lucky person. Therefore you have to be able to switch the level of gravitas on and off, that’s the tricky bit. 335 more words

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Thoughts on being a lady today

You probably know someone (in person or online) with that air of elegance and suavity, that goes beyond social status or wearing brands. Being gracefully elegant is far more than a status, it is a lifestyle. 379 more words

The art of networking

Networking should be in everyone’s agenda. Regardless if you have your own business or work for someone else, building and maintaining relationships is essential to move ahead. 492 more words

I Alone

I alone can’t do it.  Can you? 

After all, it’s hard to have diversity without people. Not even the most adept cost cutters and top-tier value engineers have figured out how to achieve diversity without people.  1,223 more words