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Heike Roeder

Title: Director of Global Training, SOP and Process Improvement

Company: UCB

Location: Duesseldorf, Germany

Heike Roeder strives on helping people from suffering sever central nervous system or immunological disorders lead normal, everyday lives. 268 more words

Business Management

Linda Feres

Title: Director of Quality Management

Company: Intuitive Research and Technology

Location: Madison, Ala.

Initially, Linda Feres became involved in her profession 33 years ago because of her team leadership skills and collaborative attitude. 130 more words

Business Administration

Career and Scope with Business Management.

Business administration is about setting desired goals and targets, planning intelligently to achieve the targets, organization of people and resources efficiently and to execute the plan. 176 more words


Company Morale and Its Role in Marketing

It’s almost unbelievable how many businesses don’t consider their employees when they create their marketing strategies. Because the bottom line of the business is to make money, the target of marketing is typically the customer…that makes sense. 894 more words


The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad- Offensive? Deplorable?

By Kaye

In “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad, the author states his experiences as captain of a steamer in the Congo River for a Belgium trade company. 482 more words

Business Management

Desolation Row -- The Stagnation of IT Spending

Andrew McAfee has an interesting blog post on David Autor’s Jackson Hole Conference analysis of IT spending.  What it shows, I think, is the downward pressure on software pricing that is now driving the market.   235 more words


My Generation -- Baby Boom Economics, Demographics, and Technological Stagnation

“You promised me Mars colonies, instead I got Facebook.” — MIT Technology Review cover over photo of Buzz Aldrin

“As a boy I was promised flying cars, instead I got 140 characters.”  — attributed to Marc Maron and others… 1,298 more words

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