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What Is the Difference between Coaching and Mentoring?

There is often confusion between these two functions, because the one of the functions of a good mentor is to coach a mentee.

Although mentors utilize coaching skills to serve the mentee, mentoring involves additional tasks, which can include: 215 more words

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How to Submit and Get Ideas for Inventions

A lot of people have a good idea for the invention of a single point or one another in their lives. The main difference between genius together with the rest of us has much more to do with excessive sweating than ideas. 505 more words

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Why Every Fashion Entrepreneur Needs A Mentor

When you work for yourself or start your own fashion business, you’re pretty much on your own with decision making. You have no one to turn to when you need advice about what to do and what not to do. 353 more words

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Hire Business Mentor in Sydney for Effective Business Result

All businesses are a marketing and sales organization somehow or another. Daily you’re promoting yourself, if you are selling a service or product it takes a great amount of skill. 526 more words

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Employ a Patent Attorney as Per Your Class of Innovations in Australia

As everyone knows, the patent is actually a grant of special right to your creation. In case you patent your innovations in Australia, this means that you have exclusive privileges for making, utilizing and marketing your invention. 503 more words

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How to Sell an Invention Idea of Australian Inventors

The magic formula to inventor success is always to understand how to market your invention. Not every inventions are great. Of the high quality ones, even fewer are wonderful. 444 more words

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Australian Inventors Use Prototype to Protect Their Inventions

Prototyping your innovation concept is an important fact of your life being an inventor. Though its benefits are generally overlooked or downplayed by many people, the fact is that possessing a prototype of your innovation idea can help you not just feel your enthusiasm more genuine, but it’ll also lead the way to a multitude of aspects in the creation process. 501 more words

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