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Guidance for Inventors and their Powerful Inventions

Inventors and inventions are usually a wonderful topic of curiosity for many people. For anybody who is among the newer inventors in these modern times, dream about fresh invention ideas, technological innovation and merchandise every single day. 409 more words

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Various Patent Services for Protecting Your Innovation

Even though most of us would possibly not like the idea of innovation patent; reality remains the same that without the provision, there’ll be no exclusivity of the product held by innovative idea. 398 more words

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It is about stores. Open yours, online.

Expand your offering, and grow your personal interests.

Offer your expertise in writing.
Your books available world-wide on Amazon with CreateSpace.

Need to relax from business? 136 more words

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Your calm is the best attitude for business.

Find a point of calm before you walk into the meeting.

You find that your selling skills are more versatile when you are calm.

When we meet you listen, you mention what you do, and then you listen. 199 more words

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Post 3 - The Importance of a Mentor

To say that I am fascinated with Richard Branson and the Virgin business, would be an understatement. I have been following his blogs, reading any & every newspaper article in relation to him/Virgin, own every book written by him and follow him on every social media site I can find him on (stalker alert). 264 more words

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Motivation Video

This was a pretty good video about motivation and timing and building a business idea and watching it grow. So check it out when you get a chance. 17 more words


Become confident and focused.

You are confident when you are true to yourself. Accept yourself, and treat your uniqueness as an asset. Your business wins in the market when it stands out. 343 more words

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