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Same Old, Same Old

Just a quick post to riff off a piece at Poynter today about the potential value embedded in news organizations’ archives – and how little of it is being tapped. 453 more words

Future Of News

No country for new journalism

(Formatting issues fixed.)

Through an oped in Nieman Lab, Ken Doctor makes a timely case for explanatory – or explainer – journalism being far from a passing fad. 841 more words


Is Tech Unemployment Good or Bad? | Singularity Hub

Is Tech Unemployment Good or Bad? | Singularity Hub.

If I can get my robot to do all my work, or better yet, get a bunch of robots to do lots more work than I could possibly do, can I sit on the beach (in the shade) sipping frost beverages and living off the wealth they generate? 36 more words

Business Models

From apps to uprisings: How Mashable started covering world news

Niche blogs are all the rage, but once a site establishes itself as a go-to in its chosen beat — as Mashable has done in technology news — where can it go from there? 193 more words

Finally a business transformation book that matters!

Reading business books can at times lead to frustration and disappointment. You often buy a bestseller that fails to hit the spot or a tome that goes off in multiple tangents and loses its meaning. 363 more words