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The Changemaker Model: Creating Impact by Empowering Communities

 By: Gabriel Jimenez

Change maker—this term has been popularized in recent years by the private and public sector. It’s very much a buzzword that elicits images of advocates, trailblazers, and the like. 746 more words

Stuck in the 90s: Online Course Design in Traditional Higher Education

When I entered the field of online higher education way, way back in the dark ages of 1997, the first 56.6 kbps modems were just starting to appear in homes. 962 more words

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Business Models and Online Branding

Describe the concepts of the Long Tail and Free. How do they change our understanding of business models in terms of approach, marketing and scale? … 17 more words

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The Transactive Energy business model is completely scalable.

Transactive Energy is a business and regulatory model for electricity that is based on four simple ideas:

1) There are two products: energy and transport. 660 more words


Exploring business models in Urban Agriculture

Despite the growing attention and support for urban agriculture (UA) and the increase in urban farming businesses, little is known about the business aspects of UA. 173 more words


Interoperability creates boundless creativity

Back when I was still working for my former employer, I used to develop concepts and market requirements for interoperable projects. “Interoperability”, a long word which holds the charm of a lengthy story. 612 more words


Online Pillar 1: #Health

When my iPhone upgraded to iOS8, and up popped a new screen icon called “Health”, was there any further proof needed of the importance of this market to Apple’s app store? 554 more words

#Content In Context