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Is that a news story or a paid ad?

Good Mornings DMSers. We started a great discussion yesterday about corporate journalism, branded journalism and sponsored content. Just to make it more interesting, let’s also throw in these terms: content marketing and native advertising. 203 more words

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Battle of the Sexes: The Economics of Hair Cuts

Since I became a woman (aka I passed the age of 12), I’ve been subject to getting my hair dressed at a higher cost than men or children. 850 more words

Technology’s Role in Healthcare: Innovation Lessons From Other Industries

By Joel French, CEO of SCI Solutions

Healthcare is ripe for disruption. It is one of the last major U.S. industries to be transformed by technology advancements and business model innovations. 512 more words

The Changemaker Model: Creating Impact by Empowering Communities

 By: Gabriel Jimenez

Change maker—this term has been popularized in recent years by the private and public sector. It’s very much a buzzword that elicits images of advocates, trailblazers, and the like. 746 more words

Stuck in the 90s: Online Course Design in Traditional Higher Education

When I entered the field of online higher education way, way back in the dark ages of 1997, the first 56.6 kbps modems were just starting to appear in homes. 962 more words

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Business Models and Online Branding

Long Tail

As Chris Anderson states in a 2004 Wired article, “You can find everything out there on the Long Tail.” What Anderson meant by this statement is that in the realm of online platforms space is infinite. 915 more words

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The Transactive Energy business model is completely scalable.

Transactive Energy (TE) is a business and regulatory model for electricity that is based on four simple ideas:

1) There are two products: energy and transport. 673 more words