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Business Creation A to Z (Part 1)

So you have an idea for a product and you think it’s going to change the world. Or maybe you’re not thinking that big; you just think it’s going to create an impact to a smaller segment of people you’re a part of. 1,308 more words


Entrepreneurship is hard, so don't claim that it's easy.

Entrepreneurship has definitely become cooler and cooler in the minds of Millennials during the past 10 years: Facebook was founded in 2004. That gave the Millennial Everyman hope that he too could start a multi-billion dollar business and retain ownership of it to the end. 648 more words

Business Models

Why understanding Apple's impact is so damned tough

There was a lot of excitement running up to Apple’s (AAPL) launch event last week with investors, hoping the stock would break through hard and fast. 799 more words


Rocky Mountain Institute takes a bold first step. Will they follow up?

The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)  has just released a thoughtful report that discusses the need for increasing rate sophistication for residential and industrial customers. I applaud RMI’s courage for taking on the topic of electricity rate design.  720 more words


NYUlab: Science journalism as an institutional undertaking

This blog post belongs to a series, presumptuously titled NYUlab, about interesting thoughts and experiences I have as I pursue an MA in science, health and environmental reporting at New York University. 969 more words


"Rushmore" Offers Two Kinds of Business Models

Being a movie buff and an entrepreneur, I always find myself catching lines from movies and hearing an interesting business overtone – I just can’t help it! 398 more words

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