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This is NOT legal marketing: Findlaw Edition

A recent article on FindLaw Selling Pre-SEO’d Websites has the Legal Marketers Extraordinaire¬†group on Facebook debating: Is this ethical? Or just disgusting.

In short, Findlaw will “sell” (rent) you a website with pre-written content, which they will then update and attribute to the attorney, in an attempt to game the SEO and boost search results: 372 more words

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Big Titles are not the problem at Big Law

A momentary pause in my vacation to bring you the latest installment of the showdown in Texas between the “haves” (a JD) and have nots (“non-lawyer” professionals). 511 more words

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Oh, Brother. The Period Space v. Space Space debate. Again.

Hello. The ’80s called. They want their electric typewriter back.

As a legal marketer I often times debate with partners over whether or not it’s “period-space” or “period-space-space” in a document. 603 more words

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Two tips to revolutionize your time and project management

I know I am not alone in always trying to manage my time and projects. Truth be told, I do this better on some days then on others. 162 more words

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Legal marketing lessons from the NBA playoffs

I was reading a debate on the NBA playoffs where the commentators were wondering how an older team could beat the better players? And not just beat them, but crush them. 351 more words

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