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Marketing Photography, continued... "How to Create, Maintain and Promote Your Website"

A website is like your showroom in cyberspace. It is always (or supposed to be always) accessible – 24-hours a day, seven days a week, no matter where your viewers are, or where you are, in the world. 1,017 more words

Business Of Photography

Marketing Photography, continued...

Events: Getting People to Come

We should also know other ways of reaching our target markets. When and where do clients or customers congregate? In our industry, there is (or used to be) a biennial event called an “advertising congress.” We cannot afford not to be there. 378 more words

Business Of Photography

Marketing Photography

Marketing Photo Services and Products

No matter what marketing techniques you employ, or marketing channels you explore, there is no denying that your photos will be needed to attract prospective clients and demonstrate your capabilities as a photographer to them, so start with having great photos. 1,991 more words

Keep Your Feet Moving

Had the occasion this weekend to travel a bit for some wedding photography.
Two lovely brides became a couple in Carbondale Il and one is an old friend of mine and asked me to come down. 363 more words


10 Words That Have Different Meanings To A Photographer

1. Work Day

What it means to most people: The 8 hours per day that starts usually in the morning, and ends around 4pm
What it means to a photographer: 686 more words

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Titi & Dayo TRaditional Wedding

I am glad I met this beautiful couple, wishing them a blissful and joyful union filled with lots of love.

Enjoy bliss all the way. 150 more words

Pushing the Envelope

Those who have read my column in the past may remember that in addition to my photography studio, I also have a ‘day job’ co-hosting a morning show on a radio station in my home town. 363 more words

Photography Education