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Meet the eloPhotos TRAINEES

A new session of 6-months-training students recently resumed at eloPhotos Academy and it’s interesting to see the diverse background of people presently on board.

Take Basirat for example. 613 more words

Business Of Photography

The Family Portrait Session of the Century

The year was 2007 AD. April to be precise. I was preparing for my first solo photography exhibition. The venue was Silverbird Galleria in Victoria Island. 764 more words

Business Of Photography

The Expensive Joke

My father use to tell me that dreams come true, but those days I doubted him. But now that I am old I understand better. Some people would say if you can think it, then you can do it. 712 more words

Business Of Photography

The HARVARD Client (PART 2)

And so it happened that I would find myself doing yet another job for the client from Harvard. This time around, it would be a portrait session for his family. 1,159 more words

Business Of Photography

Looking Forward to Leaving

Dear whomever,

I’m leaving eloPhotos soon and I’m more than glad. I’m not only glad that I will have my freedom back or glad that I’ll get to sleep and wake at anytime I want. 359 more words

Business Of Photography


The beginning of a new week marks the beginning of a new experience at Elophotos academy. We started off with the Monday morning devotion and soon afterwards we started off a chat on the experiences of interns at the academy. 409 more words

Business Of Photography

The ENLIGHTENED Makeup Artist

My journey into the world of photography was generated by passion and motivated on my quest for excellence.

As a professional makeup artist (MUA) I was tired of begging photographers at events to help me take shots  ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the bride, which most times disappoint.  651 more words

Business Of Photography