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Synergy - What the hell does that even mean?

Synergy is an overused term in M&A, in my opinion.

How do you know when you have “synergy”? How do you know when you don’t? 567 more words


Difficult Road Less Traveled

I am often asked what inspired me to hop on this bumpy path I now take. What enticed me about such a difficult road? I have thought about this for some time. 1,090 more words


Excellent Information About Home Based Business In The Article Below

The Internet can provide you gain all the right knowledge in your particular business. Learning how to properly run a online business is easy to do by going online. 942 more words

I Hate That I Need the Job That I Hate

Many business owners might not know it, but half of the employees working for them don’t want to be there. I mean, of course, most everyone would love to not have to work. 482 more words

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The Online Auction Business Model

Following on in our series where we tackle different internet business models, we’ve decided to present you with an efficient model to increase your profits by integrating an auction based business model. 443 more words

Entrepreneurs And Start-Ups

Nothing But Blue Skies...

Blue Skies Do I See, Nothing But Blue Skies Smiling At Me

-Charles Fink

Throughout this experience of writing out your business plan step by step hopefully you have been optimistic about what 2015 holds you professionally. 130 more words


Distributing Discipline/Praise to Employees

Employee: Excuse me boss? Is this what you wanted?

Boss: Let’s see. Wow! This is great work! This will really help us in the future! Great work employees! 515 more words

Tips For Business Success