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Where have the Warriors gone?

In the modern world you can be forgiven to think the place for a warrior is extinct and no longer exists. In the western world where political correctness has gone mad, to a point where the concept of free speech is in danger of extinction; you can’t even state the obvious without being vilified by the noisy fringes that have an unbalanced view of them self and influence on politicians. 362 more words

Business Planning

Every entrepreneur needs a team

Every company (small or big, young or old) faces the essential need of building, maintaining and developing a top-notch team. This is particularly true in early phases, when the product is still developing, clients are slow to come and there is a high financial uncertainty. 275 more words

Business Planning

Business Planning

I have been away for the better part of three weeks, never far from my computer but away from my site.  Time flies: one week here to wrap up a job, a week there to spring clean the clutter from my physical space, and a week now to business plan. 87 more words


How To Set Up A New Small Business

Setting up your own business?

Congratulations! Owning your own business is exciting and rewarding. Page, Lobo, Costales and Preston APC would like to share some tips for starting up your own business. 279 more words

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WHAT IS A BUSINESS PLAN?A business plan is a formal statement describing your business, its objectives,strategies, financial expectation and the target market. It is the description of the business future. 45 more words

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A useful tool for deciding how to ‘position’ your products and services is the Porter Generic Strategy Model (developed by Michael E. Porter (1998), Harvard Business School Professor and author of numerous texts on strategy). 83 more words

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