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How To Win When You're Losing

There isn’t a single person who is busy all the time or that can’t improve on something. When the show is ripe for picking and all is great no one thinks about what they should do when it’s not. 245 more words

Business Development

Don’t Be Surprised by Change - Plan for It

Though days still have 24 hours, and years are guaranteed to have no fewer than 12 months, it does sometimes seem as if the world is turning faster and faster. 392 more words

Small Business Tips


Businesses can do much to prepare for the impact of the many hazards they face in today’s world including natural hazards like floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and widespread serious illnesses. 278 more words

Disaster Preparedness

The Future of the Groundswell

Ubiquitous – present, appearing, and found everywhere.

The key ingredient for groundswell ubiquity is participation – from people and companies. This is growing rapidly. Within a few years a company that does not engage in groundswell activity will look dated. 270 more words


What does TOO EXPENSIVE really mean?

Hello to all new subscribers.  Welcome.  Please feel free to comment or re-post this blog to your own if you think your readers will find this helpful! 498 more words

Lynda Roades

Title: Public Finance Expert

Company: Roades Advisory, LLC

Location: Washington D.C.

Dr. Lynda Roades is a consultant with 31 years of experience in finance and global governments. 218 more words


The 5 Biggest Risks Of A Sole Proprietorship

Do you own your own business?

There are many different entities you, as a business owner, can choose to have your business fall under.

A sole proprietorship is the easiest way to start a business however there are many risks that come with setting up your business as a sole proprietor. 282 more words

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