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Six Ways to Bore Your Audience

We’ve all been there. Looking at our watches… doodling in our notepads… waiting… wondering… praying for the presentation to end.

Want to make sure people attending your presentations feel the same way? 477 more words

Business Presentations

Creating the Executive Placemat

Let’s say an influential executive wants to hear your presentation one-on-one. It’s a presentation you typically deliver to large groups in a projector-equipped conference room. Are you going to walk into the CEO’s office, pull out your projector, stand up, and deliver that same presentation to one person? 809 more words

Business Presentations

Do you read out your presentations? Give your presentations a boost after watching this video by Melissa Marshall

This video succinctly tells you how to improve your powerpoint/keynote presentations. This was originally published as a TED talk. The basic premise of the talk is the use of images rather than bullet pointed texts – a style that many of us are guilty of. 142 more words

5 Things To Do Today

The Nonlinear PowerPoint Presentation

“Great question, we’ll get to that in a few slides.”

Sound familiar?

Have you ever skipped backwards or forward several slides to demonstrate a point that arises in the course of audience engagement? 717 more words

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