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Doing Business with other Family Businesses Owners

I watched last week a video from the wealth channel in America and it was an army veteran who is now a financial advisor and he does much of his work with other war veterans.  1,318 more words

Family Business

Ethics in Business

News about ethical wrongdoing comes up time and again. How many entities suffered because of an employee committing a fraud, or false earnings being reported on the financial statements, or to a lesser degree, an employee taking office supplies for personal use? 65 more words

Ultimate Networking: Part IV

In the prior three posts, I covered the importance of networking, and key skills, methods and mindsets essential to effective networking. In this last part of the series, its time to put these together to ignite a plan of action, to help you achieve your goals. 1,153 more words

Creating Successful Business Relationships across Cultures

Do your Finnish team members never seem to express emotions? Do your Swedish clients take an eternity to make a decision? Have you ever been frustrated at your American coworkers’ braggadocio? 400 more words


Cool Culture



Oh gee… talk about misunderstanding your employees! So often I see how relational misunderstandings create walls between people. If you don’t understand your workforce/employees and the culture that they need in order to thrive, you can say good-bye to any kind of intrinsic motivation, and possibly find “LinkedIn job search” popping up in their google search history. 57 more words

Unfiltered Advice on Newtorking: What They Don't Tell You

Networking is a fancy word for relationships. As we’ve gotten older we’ve heard it many times. “Its not so much what you know, but who you know… 433 more words

Six Things I Want to Teach My Dog about Work

Dharmesh Shah recently wrote a blog post about the lessons of entrepreneurship that he wants to teach his son called “12 Things I Want to Teach my Toddler about Work.” 885 more words

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