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Standing Up for Stepping UP

We have finally come up with a value statement with balls.
Our new startup, called Pablow API, in which we are about to pitch at the QUTBlueBox… 100 more words


Is this the right vendor for you?

After many many years of talking, writing ideas down in a journal, and psyching myself up, i’m finally taking the first step to dabble in entrepreneurship. 461 more words

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Where does NL fit in your legal outsourcing?

The role of law lists has evolved over the years.  When I started in the industry, some 14 years ago, the role of most law lists was simply to provide a list of attorneys that potential clients can search for by City/County/State and sometimes specialty. 872 more words

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On Empathy and Reading People

I was in a meeting today, and someone who is a recent addition to the group started talking about me as part of the meeting, as though I wasn’t sitting right at the table with everyone else. 430 more words


SIKORSKI'S THINK ABOUTS Blog 10/6/14: The CX Affect

Complaints should be profitable.

95% of your customers will NOT complain; however, the remaining 5% get MAD or get EVEN.

  • Customers that get MAD
    • —Are 2 times as likely to buy again if they speak up…
  • 101 more words
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Introducing the Business Marketing Association of Tampa Bay

There are tons of poor marketing companies in the Tampa Bay area today.  But there is hope for them coming soon.

The Business Marketing Association… 105 more words

Business Relationships

Keeping Up with Change: Continuing Education in the Debt Collection Industry

Laws and regulations regarding debt collection practices are changing so rapidly that the difficulty of keeping up with the changes and avoiding law suits seems to be increasing daily. 766 more words

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