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CCTV: Prime Commercial Security

For business owners, a top concern is always making sure that your commercial location is completely secure. There are plenty of precautions which can be taken to prevent loss and thefts, but there is only so much that locks are able to offer you. 492 more words


How Security Services Can Help Melbourne Businesses Increase Profits

Businesses in Melbourne need professional security services if they are to thrive and grow in today’s dangerous environment. Business security is a large field that includes several duties, firms need custom protection, a safety plan created by professionals that suits their unique needs, with the objectives of protecting their assets and employees, reducing the chances of theft and increasing in-site stability and productivity. 317 more words

Business Security

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an IP CCTV System

IP CCTV cameras are quickly replacing the analogue CCTV cameras, as they grant owners the capability to view their homes or business via the Internet or through an IP network that uses WIFI. 408 more words


Keep your home and business secure

You can buy all manner of tried and tested security products, devices and useful gadgets on this site.  From CCTV to Bird Fire Gel to security bars for your windows and cash protection systems, wheelie bin locks and traffic control systems – it’s a one stop shop for all the things burglars hate!


What Is PCI Compliance?

Security is one of the most important factors that greatly contribute to the success of a business. If you are an online business owner and you deal with credit cards as a payment option, you need to know what PCI compliance is and its importance to your business. 132 more words


Networking for security: Why you need people skills for people safety

by Peter Lacey

This week I reflected on the importance of networking to effective security. We sometimes tend to regard networking as the domain of salespeople looking to drum up business, but networking is in fact a critical practice in many spheres of life. 661 more words