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Debunking - "When Security Companies Become Biggest Risk"

In a well-known magazine, a while back, an article was written about security companies actually being the homeowner’s real security risk. But is this really true? 482 more words

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Burglary Of Over $30,000 Worth Of Small Electronics Caught On Video

This is a video and story from a Miami TV station about a very sophisticated group who spent 30 seconds burglarizing a store. The whole burglary was… 195 more words

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Intercom Systems - Should You Have One?

Even if you already have a security system, could your home or business also benefit from an intercom system? Certainly! An intercom system for your Tulsa or OKC home or business can greatly increase your level of security and productivity, all with added convenience. 398 more words

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Wireless Security Systems and Wireless Alarm Monitoring Benefits

The technological features of security systems continue to advance. Wireless security systems and alarm monitoring services that are not hardwired to a telephone line are becoming more and more popular. 470 more words

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Why Do Even Small Businesses Need Commercial Security Systems?

If you’ve recently opened a business in the Oklahoma City or Tulsa area you are to be commended for all the time, effort, and resources it took to put that long-awaited “Open for Business” sign in your window. 388 more words

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When You Should Invest in a Business Security System

You may feel that you have secure locks for your business, and so a Tulsa or OKC commercial security system and an alarm monitoring service wouldn’t be needed. 617 more words

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How much are your passwords costing you?

You come back after a nice vacation, rested, tanned and ready to catch up on a few weeks of email.  The only problem?

You’ve forgotten your password. 263 more words