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The efficiency and effectiveness of the indirect tax function

Effectiveness is the degree to which an organization achieves the objectives.

When is effectiveness achieved?

For the tax function this is if all risks are managed and opportunities spotted and implemented. 358 more words


The Truth About Trust, Engagement and Organization Performance

As managers in today’s organizations, during an economic recovery that is challenging even to the world’s top 1% of businesses, our primary concerns are about building business performance and growing.  1,005 more words

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The Two Aspects of Disruptive Innovation

Sensing disruptive innovation in the marketplace is critical to the strategy of any business.   Disruptive innovation is the result of either a new technology or the mixing of previously unrelated technologies that create a shift in demand, generally in a movement away from the existing product or service.   2,786 more words


The Number 1 Mistake

I read a post by Jeff Bullas and was struck by how right on his number 1 mistake was. The number one mistake in Social Media is… 107 more words

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It's Always about Funding

A new study out confirms once again the fact that the biggest challenge for non-profits is money. There are a half a dozen different ways to say it, but revenue is the challenge. 225 more words

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Why H.R.'s Organizational Structure Matters

The work of H.R. is continuously changing.  Not only has the Human Resources function been evolving to become a stronger, strategic partner to the business, but new priorities continue to shape what we do and how we do it.  719 more words

Strategic Alignment

Branding Your Business for Success: Part IV

I hosted a workshop on “Branding Your Business for Success” and guided my participants through the branding discover process as follows:

  1. Reflect upon the values that are most important for them…
  2. 155 more words