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Return on Marketing Investment


It’s time to get serious and shake-up your Marketing-Mix!

Companies need to make their Marketing Department responsible for the accountability of their Marketing Mix. 395 more words


The Widening Sphere of Influence

In the 70’s, my sphere of influence was very limited. It included my parents as well as both my maternal and paternal grandparents. My infinity and love for them still influences my purchasing dynamics today. 292 more words


Planning for the Future

By Mary Tucker, CEIR Blog Manager

“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” – Winston Churchill

Predict : CEIR’s Annual Exhibition Industry Outlook Conference… 341 more words

What Would Wonka Think?

Anyone who’s ever had an ice-cream headache will know the pain your brain inflicts upon your forehead for no other reason except that it didn’t like the change in temperature on your palette. 72 more words

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Orientation -- not what it seems

Once, while musing on the essence of things, Boyd noted that:

Orientation is the Schwerpunkt. It shapes the way we interact with the environment—hence orientation shapes the way we observe, the way we decide, the way we act.

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Boyd's Theories

Integrated Marketing: How To Avoid Compartmentalized Strategies

So many business leaders compartmentalize marketing into silos. This happens for a number of reasons. Maybe you have a large corporation, some people think it is easier to look at things in separate pieces, and others don’t understand the power that marketing can have, they just see it as a necessary function of business because that is what they were taught. 486 more words


How Can Strategy Be Integrated with Entrepreneurship?

Read the latest offering from The Journal of Entrepreneurship entitled “Entrepreneurship and Competitive Strategy: An Integrative Approach.”

The abstract:

The two fields of strategic management and entrepreneurship have been viewed as inseparable twins and the relationship has been coined strategic entrepreneurship by a…

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