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Every Entrepreneur's Biggest Mistake (and How To Avoid It!)

According to research, “66% of new products fail within 2 years, and 96% of all innovations fail to deliver any return on a company’s investment.” Harvard Business Review recently surveyed 120 entrepreneurs on what their biggest mistake had been with a product or service launch. 


10 Examples of Flawed Product-First Thinking

This is a great post from Hutch Carpenter (@bhc3) on the obvious premise of business – to create something that helps fulfill a need or desire.  124 more words


Humanizing Big Data, or How To Turn It Into Actionable Little Data

Gartner defines Big Data as “high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making.” A bit of a mouthful! 

Business Strategy

How B2B Companies Talk Past Their Customers

This is an interesting insight  published by the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. It shares research data regarding the disconnect between B2B brand messages and what their customers really want to know. 


Company Lifecycle and Culture: Changing Too Fast

This is an interesting blog post from Martin Zwilling (@StartupPro). As Martin says, “Successful startups seem to follow similar paths to greatness, and unfortunately all too often that path leads them back down the hill much faster than they went up.  


Product Managers: Who Are These ‘Mini-CEOs’?

Product management is often a job people fall into, and the definition and awareness of what the role entails seem to vary widely depending on team, organization, industry, and even country and continent.  264 more words


The Value of Bootstrapping

This is a short but insightful article from Ryan Smith, Founder & CEO of Qualtrics (who provide enterprise data collection and analysis). Ryan advises that, where possible, it’s best for a company to use their own financial resources, ie, bootstrapping.