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Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?

When i started this little venture of doing my own online entertainment  magazine, the challenges and adaption to the entrepreneur lifestyle. I remember while i was still doing my research i came across this article on the internet  titled ”5 Realities of being an Entrepreneur?” I had to just look at the main points again after been doing the online magazine for 2 months now, just to evaluate the current position of my venture and to understand why i was doing all of this. 71 more words

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Life: New Book


Yes, yes, I’m talking about a book again. Sorry! Last time, I did a book review about a book I read for fun so it’s time to get down to business and read some academic books. 361 more words


Life: 3 Qualities for Success


Ok. I apologize about this week’s crazy posting. Life posts are usually on Tuesdays but like I said here, this week was a little crazy, so I guess this week we have 2 “life” stories. 431 more words


The Impact of Digital on Publishing

21 years on, how has digital publishing transformed our lives? I am sure every one of us has a story to tell about how digitally published content has affected our lives – be it downloading a recipe, writing a blog, or reading something that’s moved us on our laptop or mobile device. 1,021 more words

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“There’s always money in the banana stand”

Newport Beach, 1945; The ‘king kong’ of frozen banana, Don Phillips, opened ‘Original Frozen Banana’ on Balboa Island, selling frozen bananas covered in chocolate and topped with nuts. 135 more words

Arrested Development

Business Talk Thursdays | Negative Mindsets

Most days, we feel like things are going good. We are grateful for everything the Universe has blessed us with and are ever grateful we have each other to go through life’s journey. 219 more words


Boss Venture Dinner

Boss Venture Dinner. Jom Makan !