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A Day In Androbel: Update


Today I wanted to talk about Androbel and the changes that are happening. As some of you may know, Androbel was intended to be solely an online boutique offering awesome clothing and accessories. 409 more words


Coaching Tip: Keep Your Signature Fresh

Your signature line (the sign off at the bottom of emails) can be used for loads of different purposes, the most common and boring being to tell people who you are! 44 more words

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Marketing – Know Your Place!

One of the big mistakes that so many people make in business, large or small (or even ‘micro’), is understanding the value of ‘Positioning’. It’s a simple marketing strategy that every business owner can and should adopt. 458 more words

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How And Where To Get Inspired For Your Business

Do you find days that you are flagging and uninterested in what you do?

Do you sometimes feel unmotivated and a struggle to get going? 414 more words

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Branding: Focuss = Success

Listen to the audio version of this blog:

I was having dinner with friends recently and we got on to the conversation of focus for marketing (we’re all business owners) and we had some of the classic responses come up. 1,532 more words

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Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Sometimes, you just have to look back at what you’ve created to dream up new beauties. #KerfufleJewelry


Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?

When i started this little venture of doing my own online entertainment  magazine, the challenges and adaption to the entrepreneur lifestyle. I remember while i was still doing my research i came across this article on the internet  titled ”5 Realities of being an Entrepreneur?” I had to just look at the main points again after been doing the online magazine for 2 months now, just to evaluate the current position of my venture and to understand why i was doing all of this. 71 more words

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