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Yes, this father and daughter started a condom company

In the wild and wonderful world of birth control, the male condom tends to get a bad (w)rap. They can be conspicuous — there is no better way to inadvertently scream to a roomful of people, “HELLO, LADIES AND SIRS, I’M HAVING SEX!!!” than to have a couple of shiny foil squares explode out of your purse while trying to pay for a coffee. 1,166 more words


Big insurance won't prep or pay for climate change, fails to see irony

The insurance industry may have been hit by a lot of climate change-related payouts lately, but it’s still not doing much to incorporate climate risk into how it does business, according to… 1,176 more words

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Food giants Cargill and General Mills believe in climate change. Will they defend themselves from it?

When I think about companies like Cargill and General Mills, I don’t exactly imagine a den of climate hawks. So I’ve been surprised to see a string of… 1,554 more words


China's coal use is actually dropping for the first time this century

We told you last week that the Chinese people are concerned about pollution — according to Pew, they care about it more than we Americans do. 395 more words

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Watch dinosaurs defend the Gates Foundation's farm policy

Some food activists are extremely worried about all the money the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gives to help farmers. These groups, for instance, met recently to oppose the charity… 90 more words


Turns out coral reefs could help mend human bones

Anyone who has ever had a bone graft knows how gnarly the operation can be. And if you’re having bones harvested from your own pelvis or ribs, it can add risks of surgery complications or increase recovery times.  281 more words


Rooftop solar is just the beginning; utilities must innovate or go extinct

By now, most people are aware that solar power — particularly distributed solar power, in the form of rooftop panels — poses a threat to power utilities… 2,414 more words

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