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Everyone's talking about the Ferguson looters. Let's shame the polluters, too

A lot has been made of the damage done as the result of riots and looting following the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. It’s fair to call it “looting” — cameras have captured people busting out of stores with merchandise in hand,* and there’s no way to intellectualize that. 716 more words

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Chinese restaurant uses robots to serve and entertain customers

A robot restaurant in China is delighting customers with its futuristic way of serving up food – just don’t expect a personable service.

When customers walk in, ‘usher robot’ extends his arm and welcomes them with the greeting: ‘Earth person, hello!’ 154 more words

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Why D.C. is doing food waste reclamation right

Mike Curtin
DC Central Kitchen
Washington, D.C.

In a city with enough restaurants, bars, and clubs to keep the country’s lawmakers sufficiently entertained, it’s pretty much guaranteed that tons of food goes to waste every day. 149 more words


How a Koch brother is combating climate change at a coal mine

What do Bill Koch, the Aspen Skiing Company, and environmentalists all have in common? Nothing, right? Actually, they’re all supporting the deployment of technology that cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions and produces some cheap, relatively clean energy. 943 more words

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EPA, community activists put toxic oil refineries in a headlock

It’s not just coal that’s been getting the wind kicked out of it. Oil refineries will soon be feeling it as well, thanks to new rules proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency to scale back air pollution. 582 more words

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What’s the best way to dispose of an old car battery?

Q. I had to get a new battery for my car. I asked the guy what they did with the old one and he said they recycled it. 665 more words

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See-through solar cells could turn your windows into power stations

And now for the latest in whizzbang solar technology: It’s invisible. Researchers at Michigan State University just developed a new kind of solar cell that’s so crystal clear, even Harry Potter would be impressed. 141 more words

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