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Zappos billionaire wants to turn a dusty Las Vegas wasteland into a thriving urban hub

This is part of a series of stories about Las Vegas and climate change. Find the whole collection here.

So I’m in Tony Hsieh’s apartment in Downtown Las Vegas talking to a woman with rainbow hair whose bona fide, right-there-on-the-business-card job title is the “Pixie of Positivity,” when I notice the unicorn head on the kitchen counter. 1,272 more words

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Oil refinery threatened by sea-level rise, asks government to fix problem

I pointed out last week that the major oil companies are actually much more willing than Republican politicians to admit the reality of climate change. I offered a few explanations as to why, but left out an important one: If you’re in business, you simply cannot afford to ignore the effects of climate change. 359 more words

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Don't believe anything you read at Natural News

Last week, Mike Adams, who calls himself the Health Ranger and runs the site Natural News, posted a truly insane article which seems to advocate violence against scientists and journalists… 584 more words


Your hiking gear might come from a sweatshop. Here's how you can fix that

Most of the iconic locations for American outdoorspeople are … outdoors. You’ve got your Half Dome, you’ve got your Muir Woods, you’ve got your Mt. Washington, your Blue Ridge Parkway. 548 more words


ExpoPrint 2014: Quality from Germany for Latin America

Frankfurt am Main, 29 July 2014 – The German manufacturers of printing and paper technology who presented themselves on the joint VDMA stand in Sao Paulo at the ExpoPrint 2014 international trade exposition from 16 to 22 July 2014 are extremely satisfied. 326 more words

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The latest French fashion: Eating ugly fruits and veggies

Few things are more unappealing than a lumpy, bruised potato covered in sprouts. But leave it to the French to make it look sexy.

A campaign by the French supermarket chain Intermarché is on a mission to make shoppers see the inner beauty in scarred, disfigured, or otherwise odd-shaped fruits and vegetables. 838 more words


Obama's coal-leasing program is costing taxpayers more than $50 billion

It is common for the coal industry and its conservative allies in politics and media to complain that President Obama is waging a “war on coal.” It is certainly true that the share of American energy that comes from coal is declining. 902 more words

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