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Forget aliens -- these NASA drones track methane

Believe it or not, NASA doesn’t just launch scads of money into outer space: The agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) may specialize in Mars Rover technology, but it’s also in the process of adapting its space-worthy sensors to detect methane leaks here on Earth. 341 more words

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The Exelon-Pepco merger: Big, nuke-heavy utility looking for new ratepayers to fleece

Get ready, people. We’re about to make utility mergers sexy!

The short version: Exelon is a big, crappy utility company that’s in trouble because it’s saddled with a bunch of uneconomic nuclear plants. 2,127 more words

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Self-destruction genes could keep GMOs from spilling into the wild

It’s the worst nightmare of activists opposed to genetically modified crops: An errant GMO seed blows out of a wheat or corn field and breeds with a species in the wild or on a neighboring farm. 956 more words

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Obama’s trade agenda is a disaster for the environment, greens warn

In a State of the Union address that hit most of the right notes on the environment and other progressive issues, Obama pushed one policy that has green groups up in arms: fast-tracking of trade deals. 585 more words

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When it comes to efficiency, U.S. military soldiers on

It may come as no surprise to you that the Department of Defense is the biggest energy consumer in the United States: In 2013, its energy bill hit  432 more words

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How Citizens United paved the way for Big Oil's bribes

If you are wondering why a pipeline that would create fewer jobs than a new McDonald’s is the No. 1 priority of what used to be known as “ 928 more words

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