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Fusion won’t save us from climate change

We all just love a story where the suspense builds and builds, the whole tale teeters on the brink of disaster — but then, just in time, the hero or heroine saves the day. 882 more words

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What it's like to have 30 oil & gas wells as neighbors

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The first thing Don Martin asks me is if I want the little picture or the big picture. 3,053 more words

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Watch Werner Herzog and Patton Oswalt battle over big business, climate, lemonade

This short film about an adorable small business owner going up against Big Lemonade has everything. Typically snoozy issues like unfair regulations and market manipulation illustrated with oodles of charm and a beloved piece of Americana? 27 more words

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New climate time machine is not a DeLorean, but it's almost as cool

If you could turn back time, would you kill Hitler? Sing to sailors while straddling a cannon? Of course you wouldn’t! (Although that last one is quite tempting.) You would find out whether it was raining in the Sargasso Sea on June 3, 1902, and report back — that’s what you’d do! 353 more words

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Yes, this father and daughter started a condom company

In the wild and wonderful world of birth control, the male condom tends to get a bad (w)rap. They can be conspicuous — there is no better way to inadvertently scream to a roomful of people, “HELLO, LADIES AND SIRS, I’M HAVING SEX!!!” than to have a couple of shiny foil squares explode out of your purse while trying to pay for a coffee. 1,166 more words


Big insurance won't prep or pay for climate change, fails to see irony

The insurance industry may have been hit by a lot of climate change-related payouts lately, but it’s still not doing much to incorporate climate risk into how it does business, according to… 1,176 more words

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