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Customer Service Tips for Business Growth

Customer service has as much a part to play in customer acquisition or business growth as sales.  Customer service and how it is delivered must evolve alongside the adoption of social media and technology by consumers and business. 981 more words

Business Tips

Marketing Tip Wednesday: Customer Service Do's

Welcome back to our Marketing Tip Wednesday series, we’re glad you’re here, and look forward to, again, blowing your mind.

Today, we want to address the best practices of customer service. 607 more words


The Truth About Working From Home!

Running your own business from home is an incredible achievement, a very rewarding experience, and it’s something to be so proud of. It is tremendous fun, a fabulous learning experience and you develop new skills every day; however, it can come with disadvantages. 770 more words

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The Perfect Promo Sales Pitch

Selling anything to anyone is a valuable skill that is difficult to teach and even more difficult to perfect.

What makes a good salesperson or a bad salesperson? 677 more words


Software/Apps to help you run your business

Technology is constantly changing and improving, and with these improved technologies come more methods to increase our productivity and organisation.

This article describes the basic functions of some of my most used apps and software, and the links on how to get hold of them. 1,252 more words

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How to save yourself time!

Time management is one of the bigger obstacles small business owners have to deal with. It can be difficult to know how to strike the idea work/life balance, especially in the early days of the business. 924 more words

Business Tips

Marketing Tip Wednesday: Get Those Testimonials

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Parris. We know that testimonials are important. Obviously we need testimonials to build consumer trust and establish credibility in our industry.

I did… 659 more words