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Business Architecture — Who Cares?

In my previous post Distilling 58 million Search Results on Business Transformation!? I coined the term ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ of business transformation to illustrate what is involved. 948 more words

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A Radical Approach To Natural Business - Holonomics

Giles Hutchins explores a dynamic way of seeing in business and beyond, in reviewing the book Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, authors: Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson. 734 more words

Business Transformation


Business requirements transform business. They provide the roadmap to fulfilling client and customer satisfaction. By doing so, they give you your competitive edge.

How do you make that happen though? 111 more words

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August Editorial Calendar

I have a number of Thought Leadership items slated for going live in August. Below is a listing of their titles and publication dates.

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7 Big Performance Measurement Mistakes!

  • No mechanism to revise performance targets

Businesses undergo constant change – training programs; automation; business process improvements; changes in strategy; organisational restructures and so on. As a result of these changes, management should expect improvement in performance. 379 more words

Business Transformation

Finally a business transformation book that matters!

Reading business books can at times lead to frustration and disappointment. You often buy a bestseller that fails to hit the spot or a tome that goes off in multiple tangents and loses its meaning. 363 more words


These business requirement requirements are controversial. There are several reasons, but they all boil down to time and money. The principal objection is that creating and publishing well-written requirements becomes too daunting a task when there are thousands of requirements to list. 33 more words

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