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Three things every business person should be thinking about for 2015

I always feel like September is the start of the new year. Even if you are in one of the many organizations with a fiscal year end at December 31, it is in the fall of the year that you are planning, finalizing budgets, and making decisions as to what initiatives you will pursue next year. 695 more words

Why Business Process Improvement projects fail to deliver value?

Business Process Improvement projects generally use Lean/Six-Sigma techniques and some common sense to improve business processes. Project teams document current state of business processes (As-Is mapping). 518 more words


Data, Information & Analytics as Core Competencies in The Predictive Enterprise

The Data Leadership Nexus has five basic components;

1.- Top-Down Leadership (by the Senior Executive Team)

2.-4.- Data, Information & Analytics

5.- Organizational Culture 

We have explored Top-Down Leadership (#1) and Organizational Culture (#5) in previous postings and will now discuss the combined components of Data, Information & Analytics (#2-4). 773 more words

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Foster Fresh Perspectives

As leaders, we can often get stuck in ruts, talking to the same people every day and thinking the same way as everyone else.

To breakthrough and come up with new and innovative ideas and approaches to problems and issues, we need to seek out and foster fresh and original perspectives. 586 more words

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L’entreprise à l’ère du trop d’informations

L’information est certes nécessaire pour toute analyse et toute prise de décision, mais qu’en est-il du trop d’information ?

En savoir plus sur Les Echos.

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