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Implementing change is difficult. Implementing change without a methodology is very difficult. This article will discuss the basics and provide a structure to guide your projects. 1,890 more words

Business Transformation

Supply Chain Uncertainty

It’s a research for the supply chain of a company from chemical and agriculture industry. Several years, it has started to transform their business from selling single product, to selling packages or providing integrated solutions or platform – pretty much like other industries are doing. 968 more words


Those of us involved in designing and delivering change generally accept, as a given, that resistance to change is the problem to be overcome. Working with one of my clients recently I realised that this was not always the case and that sometimes a lack of resistance to change can cause just as many problems. 297 more words

Business Transformation

Mind the Gap! Don’t forget the TMO

Transition (Oxford Dictionary)

tran·si·tion, tranˈziSHən,-ˈsiSHən/

noun: The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

verb:  Undergo or cause to undergo a process or period of transition. 363 more words

Leading Innovation: The One Important Aspect Executives Tend to Underestimate

Inventing new and better products, technologies, and business models. Experimenting. Realizing smart breakthroughs. We all know that innovation is crucial to stay competitive in today’s business world. 801 more words

Business Transformation

AirPooler Is Lyft For Private Planes

Pilots want to fly, but it’s expensive. People want to travel but it’s a hassle. AirPooler brings them together on its site where pilots can sell empty seats on private plane flights. 1,315 more words


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Beautiful article on how Digital and Technology can transform your business model or even help create new market niches. This could become the Uber of the skies - and I can't wait to see it succeed. As an aviation enthusiast nothing could be more satisfying than making private air travel an affordable alternative. Good luck AirPooler!

Reporting: why it pays to be radical

“We need the new system to produce 300 reports.”
“That’s a lot of reports. Why so many?”
“Because that’s the number of reports we have now.” 968 more words