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What Kind of Networking is Right for You?

Networking is an important aspect of business, yet most business owners become wary of networking events and wonder if the time set aside to attend these functions is worth their effort. 469 more words

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“Mentorship is not for me” and other mentorship myths

Business mentorship can be a source of support, enlightenment and perspective for all parties associated in the relationship. Mentees will often commend their mentor for helping to both ground them and challenge them to take the calculated risks that will push their business to the next level. 378 more words

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Look To Your Existing Clients To Grow Your Business

Many business owners find themselves struggling for new leads to drive revenues, but what if I told you that, although new lead generation must be a part of all business practices, additional revenues may be lurking in your own backyard. 249 more words


Obstacles Facing Women Business-Owners

Overall, there are fewer Canadian female business-owners than their male counterparts. Why does this disparity exist? I want to focus on female business-ownership and how women can begin overcoming obstacles to success, either societal or otherwise. 290 more words

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3 Seasons of Growing & Communicating Your Vision.

As I work with people one on one, I have discovered Three Seasons of Communication Styles that people use with confidence to build their business – or if used incorrectly based on fear…it will deteriorate their business. 766 more words

Getting Buy In And Communicating Your Vision

Have your employees expressed confusion about your vision? Are they not responding to your vision? Perhaps they are growing more fearful and worrying about what will happen next? 310 more words


Are You Self-Employed or a Business-Owner?

Are you self-employed or do you consider yourself a business owner? The difference between these two titles is often difficult to navigate, as it can be much more than the amount of people you employ. 352 more words

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