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America's Top Colleges 2014

This year it comes down to small, student-centric, liberal arts colleges vs. large, brainy, research-oriented universities closely associated with science, technology, engineering and math. The Forbes 7th annual Top Colleges ranking reveals higher education in flux, ongoing debate between the value of liberal arts vs. 26 more words


7 bold commercial real estate predictions

Conjuring the future of commercial real estate begins by conjuring our future. How will we work, live, shop or do business? Perhaps no other investment sector is so closely tied to peoples most fundamental needs and behaviors; its evolution, to a large extent, follows ours. 6 more words


A Cambrian moment

Cheap and ubiquitous building blocks for digital products and services have caused an explosion in startups.

ABOUT 540M YEARS ago something amazing happened on planet Earth: life forms began to multiply, leading to what is known as the “Cambrian explosion”. 87 more words


The State of the Data Economy

In business, data has quickly gone from being a mere asset to being a potential revenue stream—a substantial one. The result: a burgeoning market for data. 15 more words


The tea business: Elixir for the mindful

The growth of the tea industry goes hand-in-hand with the emergence of a class of consumers who are health conscious

The tea business: Elixir for the mindful | The Economist


Tech Companies’ Secret Weapon: Animal Logos

The booming tech industry may be sexy, but companies with little-known brands can still find it difficult connecting with people. Some, though, have discovered what single people have long known: walking a dog can get you a date. 9 more words


Young Designer of the Year Award 2015

The Young Designer of the Year Award competition seeks to recognise emerging talent in the superyacht design industry. The awards celebrates the original concepts of student and trainee designers from around the globe, tasking young designers with a realistic client request to challenge their ideas, technical ability and aptitude for delivery. 35 more words