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The Next Phase of Cloud Computing for Businesses

Lofty Goals for Cloud Computing 2.0

The potential for storing information in virtual data centers is great, especially when it comes to complementing that other much-hyped innovation: Big Data. 95 more words


The 1,000-robot swarm

Through commands, autonomous devices arrange selves into vast, complex shapes

The first 1,000-robot flash mob has assembled at Harvard University.

“Form a sea-star shape,” directs a computer scientist, sending the command to 1,024 little ’bots simultaneously via an infrared light. 124 more words


Made in USA: More dead American factories get a makeover

Manufacturing jobs shipped overseas have left behind vacant buildings and office hubs across America. But many factories are getting a makeover and second life for start-ups and makers of new products. 10 more words


Rant: Expectations Toward Men and Women

I openly tell people about my ambitions of one day changing the business world into a place where women can work without having to choose between profession and family. 334 more words


The Top 10 Questions Every Brand Must Answer To Grow In 2015

1. What is your brand’s purpose?
2. What is your brands story?
3. How do you align your leadership, employees, and partners around that brand story? 94 more words