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Cryptography: Note to future self

A bid to put encrypted data into a kind of time capsule gets a kick-start.

An encrypted “time-capsule” service whose aim is to enable scholars and journalists to securely send a message, in effect, into the future—encrypted in such a way that it cannot be read by anyone until a certain date or event.

Cryptography: Note to future self.


The Venue Formerly Known as Avery Fisher Hall

You’ve probably heard by now that Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall will soon be known as something other than “Avery Fisher Hall.”

Some background: in 1973, … 534 more words


Floating mag-lev high speed rail could whisk you from D.C. to N.Y. in an hour

Rush hour traffic and working within 50 miles of your home could soon be so passé. In the commute of tomorrow, you may be able to float from one major city to another in one hour or less. 49 more words


The Rise of Urban Innovation Districts

The geography of innovation is shifting.

For the past 50 years, the landscape of innovation has been dominated by regions like Silicon Valley—suburban corridors of spatially isolated corporate campuses, accessible only by car, with little emphasis on the quality of life or on integrating work, housing, and recreation. 68 more words


2015 Global Economic Outlook: Better Than 2014—but Not By Much

Whether you’re the CEO of a multinational or a sole proprietor, it pays to have a sense of where the opportunities lie and the dangers lurk in 2015. 9 more words


How to Clean All Those Solar Panels? Get Robots to Do It

With abundant sunlight and plenty of open space, deserts are an obvious place to put large solar arrays, but there’s a downside: lots of dust, and not enough rainfall to wash it off. 69 more words


13 of the world's most spectacular footbridges

The recent opening of the world’s first peak-to-peak suspension bridge in Switzerland is yet another example of how footbridges — once simply built to provide passage over challenging obstacles — are increasingly being designed with thrill seekers in mind. 24 more words