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Why I Regret Being a Nice Boss

Recently I met a friend at one of my favorite coffeehouses on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. I don’t live in the neighborhood, but I’m willing to go out of my way because the place has good coffee, a tranquil atmosphere, and free Wi-Fi, and there’s always a place to sit. 962 more words

October 2014

تيرنبول تتولى أيضاً منصب المدير في مجموعة فنادق ومنتجعات "بيك" المحدودة المالكة لمجموعة "أمان"

فنادق ومنتجعات بيك المحدودة تعلن عن تعيين كارولين تيرنبول في مجلس إدارة الشركةلندن – يوم الثُّلَاثاء 21 أكتوبر 2014

(بزنيس واير): أعلنت اليوم فنادق ومنتجعات “بيك” المحدودة (“بي إتش آر إل”)، الشريكة في ملكية منتجعات “أمان”، عن تعيين كارولين تيرنبول في مجلس إدارة “بي إتش آر إل”، بقرارٍ يدخل حيّز التنفيذ مباشرة.


Markets Are Down

Good morning! European markets are down early Thursday, after a similar drop in Asia overnight.

Here’s the scorecard, so far:

France’s CAC 40 is down 0.60% 164 more words


Building my Business, day 23- How to Prepare for your Pet Photo Session

So, we have booked your session, signed the contracts and now it’s time to get ready! Your session is coming up! What do you do to prepare yourself? 211 more words


Tesco Chairman to Step Down as Overstatement of Profits Grows by JENNY ANDERSON

Nicky Kundnani recommends New York Times’ new Business Day article

The chief executive of Britain’s leading grocery store said that there was no timeline for Sir Richard Broadbent’s exit and that it was in engaged in a review of operations. 12 more words


Beliefs Keep Your Emotional Baggage Packed

Ever wonder what’s in that bag?

By now the term emotional baggage is familiar – but what do we think is in the bag?

Surely it’s packed with old hurts, resentments and fears, but unless we go in there and pay some attention to those unwanted feelings – the bag stays full. 1,457 more words

Emotional Intelligence