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Much has been written and discussed about core competencies and how they are used to define the uniqueness of a company or organization.  Core competencies, however, are not critical skills – even though a particular company will have its own set of critical skills that are similar to or even congruent with the definitions provided in this book.  1,152 more words


DOGS Article in The Oregonian

Today I interviewed with Monique Balas, the Pet Columnist for The Oregonian. She penned this well-written article about Dog Owner Guardianship School’s features and benefit… 13 more words


2 Guys carrying an ageing donkey.

The Inspector,(his nickname) a neighbor of my parents in Hudson Florida, walked with his sons across Poland to Sweden. Sweden has a long coastline on the eastern side and the Scandinavian mountain chain (Skanderna) on the western border, a range that separates Sweden from Norway. 379 more words

Is creativity worth it in business?

Let me put forth this idea, OK.

Creativity has a place in the business world, even in the digital marketing world. Every day, new applications, new information products, new widgets, and fresh ideas burst upon the scene from the brightest minds (brighter than mine, that’s for sure!) around the world. 372 more words

Digital Marketing

What's Happening at 5301 Germantown Avenue?

A group of Germantown residents, business owners, and property owners have submitted a letter of inquiry to L&I Commissioner Carlton Williams calling for a review of the commercial and residential development at 5301 Germantown Avenue. 2,024 more words

Changing Germantown

#thailand #Trang #Phuket #FAKE #Banknotes #WARNING

28 July 2014 (NNT) – Provincial police are warning residents and the business community in Trang to beware of counterfeit 1,000-baht banknotes circulating around the province. 125 more words


Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

This saying came to mind when reading my Icop newsletter. JL was discussing things that Chuck and I talk about all the time. A couple of weeks ago while listening to Jim Edwards’ audio newsletter he ranted about the “psycho freebie seekers” (love that name). 661 more words