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When you take the train in Perth
Watch out for the Train Nazis
With their blue uniforms and batmanesque utility belts
With moronic bloody caps and badges… 239 more words


The Great Gum Heist

My mother broke me from stealing.  It’s just as well.  I wasn’t any good at it anyway.  She was having coffee with her friend, Miss Frankie.  278 more words


Two iPad Thieves Got Busted Because Their Selfies Started Showing Up In The Owner's iCloud

It’s hard to wrap your mind around how people (even thieves) can be so dumb. From apps that can always monitor where a computer or phone is, physically, to the endless memory capacity of the cloud, nobody should be SO stupid to assume they can steal tech in the current world and get away with it. 187 more words

Web Culture

git it [three]

yesterday i was on my way home from an afternoon appointment with my adviser, and pulled up to a red light. when i looked to my right, i saw the driver of the car next to me jacking off. 203 more words

what I wanted to tell Flo today (21/1/15):

  • med school is so hard. oh my god. I’ve only been back in lectures (post exams) 3 days and I’m behind. I think some of the tiredness and feeling like I missed key learning points is the ADHD.
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