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24 October 2014

Dear friend!
It’s the first day of the fall holidays in my school. It’s gonna last for two weeks. It’s a great relive for me. I hate school. 222 more words

5 Things That Suck Time From Your Day

Being present in one’s own life is a HUGE problem these days.   I get it, I struggle with it too.

In a world where if you aren’t doing 5 things at once you are falling behind, how are you supposed to slow down and really experience your own life? 714 more words

Ashlie Sykora

bye bye my social life!

hey guys,

how y’all doing today. I’m so so so super super sorry it has been about a month sense i put up a blog :( i know ye missed me what can i say i missed ye too. 342 more words

In defense of "busy"

Lately I have come across a number of articles and blog posts bashing our culture of busyness. Look around and you’ll see they are certainly not without merit. 662 more words

City By Heart

Causes Of Skin Wrinkles You Can Do Something About

Curious as to what causes wrinkles? Are you trying to stop them in their tracks? Well you can find out what you need to know in this article here. 594 more words

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