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Sometimes You Have To Scream and Then Laugh!

Life has felt like a smoking train lately.  And to be honest, I secretly think I like it that way.    However, the last few weeks had me feeling like I reached my capacity.  512 more words

Back Home and Busy

I spent a good chunk of yesterday trying to figure out what the hell I wanted to write for a new blog post. I could not even string a couple words together without rolling my eyes and manically hitting that delete button. 512 more words



It’s been so long since I’ve written anything.  Sorry to anyone who is actually interested in my life, but I’m back now.

I haven’t heard from the cause of my heartache in probably six months.   628 more words

Slow Yet Busy!

Well it is only Wednesday and we have been so busy that it is only Wednesday. Why is time not flying when your super busy? Our work week has already been long and it is only three days so far. 8 more words

I don't wanna be a busy bee

Two days ago I felt like I was reaching a crest. I felt like I had reached an optimal level of something or other and the rest of my something or other would be easier from here on out. 707 more words

The Delusion of Multitasking

“People can’t multitask very well, and when people say they can, they’re deluding themselves,” neuroscientist Earl Miller

It all makes sense now why I have that feeling of dissatisfaction at the end of my work day despite the hours spent grinding in front of my dual monitor screens with 3 empty coffee cups by my side…This feeling for many is established during college, where we begin to challenge ourselves mentally. 380 more words



Last Christmas, Chris gave me a gift certificate for a nearby retreat. It’s about a two-hours drive from here, in a beautiful forested area. I’ve been there twice before, once with a group of strangers for a yoga/spiritual retreat and once with my friend Katie for a girl’s getaway. 313 more words