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Busy Busy Busy !

Apparently still breathing syukurlillah I slept at 12.30am last night and woke up in the middle of Subhi Adhan.Normally I would sleep for awhile and wake up right half an hour after Adhan but I couldn’t find any reason for a further sleeping so I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and took ablution.I prayed and recite al-quran afterwards.Calm and warm is what I feel even though the temperature right now showing 10 celsius.I have medgeeks to attend this morning and funny I think when I asked my housemates to wake me up last night but I was the earliest one who regained my conscious before anyone does. 165 more words


Busy busy busy!!

Obviously because of the title, but I have been super busy lately. Mostly with work. Although I’m losing my job (tomorrow is my last day, actually…) I’ve been working a ton lately. 482 more words

Sorry I'm back 

Hey I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting. Christmas is a really busy time for me and I have had TONS of last minute shopping aka none of my shopping started until last Friday… Some is yet to be done. 43 more words

Busy Day!

I am almost done with my operational level of training for SAR!  I only have a few more call outs to go before I get to apply to be  a full member.   52 more words



I’ve been super busy lately! It’s just crazy how time flies. My birthday is in three days! I just wanted to take this time to remind everyone to stay positive. 95 more words


Countryfile, chocolate coins and 'the busiest profession at Christmas'

Confession time… This evening I watched Countryfile (for those of you outside of the UK, it is a generally fairly dull show about rural Britain)… In my defence I didn’t watch the whole thing but as I turned on the TV I was drawn in by scenes of the beautiful city of Bath (a city that I will always love as it is where we lived when we were first married). 734 more words

Busiest day so far!

I feel so grateful for everyone who came in, including my last minute appointment putting me at a new record for Yates & Co… 6 Hours of massage! 13 more words