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Stopping to smell the roses

Sometimes life in church is so busy it feels like a week has passed when it’s only been a day. In between yesterday and today I’ve sat in a waiting room with my best friend and her daughter hoping a rash didn’t mean she had meningitis, I’ve visited a wonderful women recovering from cancer surgery, helped our kids leader plan the start of a series teaching kids about the holy spirit, sorted the admin for our churches upcoming cinema event, met with some beautiful ladies from our church to chat and pray together, foolishly signed up to do a bootcamp this Saturday and roped some of my girlfriends in to lessen the pain, written and replied to about 50+ emails and a whole heap of stuff that’d take too long to write! 129 more words

Easter travel: Millions return after holiday break

Busy roads following the eater holidays due to mild weather

Trafficmaster’s Terry Doyle said people would be travelling back late into the evening

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The Contemporary Clock

Fatigue. Tickety tock.
Tired eyes gaze at the clock
Aching feet…they yearn for rest
While racing thoughts…they run amok.

Deadlines. Tickety tock … 66 more words



I was so tired after a busy day I completely forgot to make a post…

Better have some strong coffee this morning.


Random / Varia

Long days, memorial, and red eye

No rest since Holy Week. Was called upon to do a memorial for a 43 year old that died in a fishing accident when his canoe tipped. 217 more words

Busy life

While I am not a soccer mom, I am a working wife and mother who has three kids in sports.  The seemingly endless running from game to match is exhausting, yet exciting.  185 more words

Self Care

National Month of Poems - Days 19 and 20

A couple on over-exertion:

Heavy Burdens

Who are you,
Untended, untamed?
Measuring your moments
With uncertain pride.
When you carry
Your burden
And drag your reasons… 32 more words