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People spread gossip because it pumps up their ego and they feel tall

They say “come to me and I will tell you all”

The person believes that they have the power to make someone fall… 23 more words

Human Condition


This may sound ‘rude,’ but it’s necessary for you to see what YOU are doing to yourself. Well, here it is and what you need to hear, ‘Get a life!’ Stop making other people’s lives your life. 289 more words


Prompt for November 7: The Busybody

He shook the empty Clorox bottle before throwing it against the ceramic floor. Should’ve stopped by the market and bought another, he thought with dismay. Now he’d have to leave his work to get another bottle. 105 more words


14 10 2014

Today is the day of my return to grindstone nose. I can almost feel the raw redness of my schnoz, the skin flaking off as I furious attempt to cram all those wasted hours doing nothing into a single day of some semblance of productivity. 149 more words

The Local Battleaxe

There is a new unwelcome addition to our local Parent & Toddler group this year.  She is not a new mother and definitely not a toddler.  715 more words

People Go Where They Are Wanted

People go where they are wanted. Likewise, money and business. How do you know if a business is wanted? The environment is conducive to business, which means an environment of low impedance. 418 more words