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To be happy (but seriously)

This morning I was thinking of ways to challenge someone in a rut, but I ended up challenging myself. And now I want to spread that challenge to you by asking you the following: 322 more words

(but Seriously)

"Whatever it is, it's okay."

Last night I attended my final mindfulness seminar. The focus was on acceptance of what is and staying in the present. Letting the moment be and learning how to act in the moment. 481 more words


But seriously

Lately I’ve had an internal struggle with my blog intentions. I have always kept the blog relatively playful, with the exception of several emo posts towards the end of my time in Jakarta. 154 more words

(but Seriously)

The Struggle is Real

When I was studying creative writing, we learned about something called ‘tonal lurching.’ It’s pretty self-explanatory. If the tone of your writing is inconsistent, and you fall into the trap of tonal lurches, you quickly confuse the reader. 724 more words


The Burden of Beauty

As I recently wrote, there’s something totally liberating about giving up on disingenuous things. There’s a freedom in surrendering to the truth about ourselves. Being only one person, we can’t be a writer, scientist, adrenaline-junky, botanist, chef, broadcaster, truck driver, actor, entrepreneur and home decorator. 1,600 more words

Why Do We Do That

Aesthetic Superiority

Do you love me?

I’d never been in love. I’d always thought love was like reading Leaves of Grass in a crowded Westside park on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, having to suppress the urge with each giddy turn of the page to share your joy with the surrounding world. 150 more words


Day Five: Epic Fail

“It’s fine to celebrate success, but it’s more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

According to the internet, this is something Bill Gates said. I don’t have much in common with the richest man on earth, but I figure he’s probably right about some things in order to be in his position. 1,058 more words

But Seriously