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Get Back Up.

You will have days when no matter how you try and style it and pin it back, your hair gets caught in your lipgloss and makes you perform some weird facial acrobatics to get it out and embarrasses you in public in the process. 860 more words

Fear the Cheer

We all know someone with untreatable RC, or Relentless Cheer.

(If you don’t, you shouldn’t brag about it. You’re upsetting a delicate balance and saddling someone else with more than their fair share of RCs. 922 more words


A note to myself on my birthday...

Happy new year, me!
This has been one of the best years ever. I finally got out of my own way and did some awesome things I’m so proud of. 103 more words

But Seriously...

Well Alrighty

So as you know by now my husband was broken. He’s on the mend but it was a bit tricky as to how unbroken he might end up being. 633 more words


"Think twice."

source: philcollins (YouTube)

Another Day In Paradise

Pretty but otherwise bland song. It supposedly calls you to action, but the laidback tempo detracts from that cause.


There's Honey in the Rock (really!!)

David Hume, metaphysics, and empiricism have thoroughly confused my mind, so I’m breaking to blog a minute. I could break to work on sightsinging…but blogging is more fun. 1,173 more words

But Seriously

On the understated liberalism of ironic stupidity

You know when you hang out with your buddies who you’ve known for years, sometimes decades, and no matter what you say, they know how to read that against the backdrop of your past actions and words? 1,166 more words